Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just in: Catchphrase Collection!

Hey Peeps!
Wheewwwww, we just finished our quaint little bazaar at Theater of Sound, one of our friend's music studio in conjunction with Chinese New Year where we had tops, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts & more going at up to 50% off! This was a very special collaboration with Baby Be Dazzled and her collection of stunning bags & beautiful accessories!

Because the shopping never stops, and Chinese New Year is just knocking on our door, here's this week latest update! We were feeling special, so we came up with a bunch of cute catchphrasey names to go with the items. :)

Got any better catchphrase to share? Do let us know by dropping us an email or leaving us a message on Facebook, you never know your catchphrase/item name might be featured next & you could stand a chance to win it too! ;)

Cross My Back Dress
A Storm is Coming Romper
Cut Me A Bouquet Top
Check Me Out Shirt

We JUST recently had a giveaway on our Instagram, where 3 winners walked away with an entire #OOTD! :) 
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Congrats to all the winners who won! :) 
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Happy Shopping & stay Chic and Cheeky!
Wei Ni.