Sunday, August 10, 2014

For work + play. All that you need now!

Hey Peeps!
Sorry for the lack of update last Sunday, we were heaps busy at Pop Market and needed a day to recuperate & sort out all our stocks. We're really grateful for all of you that stopped by & it's really awesome finally meeting a bunch of you! :)

For this week, we've got a gorgeous selection of pieces -if we might say so ourselves! ;) -! There's Cece, our gorgeous chiffon striped cropped cardi! Vera, a stunning pink top & floral midi skirt set. Marie, she's got a touch of vintage which we couldn't resist! Lena, a lovely mesh + cotton maxi dress with a sexy strappy back! Last but not least, there's Rachel, our must-have fitted midi skirt inspired by Rachel Zane of Suits!

Cece Crop Cardi
Vera 2 Piece Set
Marie Vintage Dress
Lena Maxi Dress
Rachel Slit Midi Skirt
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Till next time,
Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni.