Sunday, April 27, 2014

Classics we love!

A range of our favourite pieces! If there's one trend we're loving over Spring/Summer, it has gotta be the pinafore/overalls/dungarees (whatever you wanna call it, we love it!), we've brought them in a shorter & sassier mid-thigh length, along with a dress that has a print we're loving as well as a casual pair of plaid shorts (can't have too many during Summer yo!).
A little update on our new website, we'd just like to let everyone know that we are able to take orders from it! To utilise your discount code, kindly do so directly on :)
Can't get access? Easy, simply key in your email on to, click confirm on the email confirmation & sit back till your 'Welcome' email arrives with exclusive access & a very special discount code. ;)

Cotton Mini Pinafore
Gingham Shorts
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