Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cropped Tees 2.0

Haze, haze. Go away, come again another day! Gosh, the heat & haze this past week have been awful! As such we’ve gotten to wearing plenty of shorts & cooling cotton shirts out lately! With FMFA coming up this weekend, we’re really excited to break out all our favourite cropped tees & wear’em! Raves, parties, music festivals are always one of the best places to be sporting a cropped tee! It keeps you looking heaps chic while still breezy enough so you’re not choking on chiffon. Definitely a must have for all festival goers & beach bums!
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don't look back
rainbow catcher
chanel galaxy
painted lips
RM35 | SGD15 | USD12
W – 45cm, L – 40cm. Fits a UK4-12.
Model wearing Rainbow Catcher & Painted Lips is 170cm in height & wears a UK6-8.
Model wearing Don’t Look Back & Chanel Galaxy is 168cm in height & wears a UK10-12.