Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Last League before Chinese New Year!

This will be our final instalment for January. The very last post before the Lunar New Year! If you haven't quite gotten your brand spanking new outfit (or outfitsssss) yet, here's our final picks for this month! We didn't go too wild with the Red this year, for we wanted to break out of tradition and go for brighter & happier prints instead! 
All payments must be made & cleared by 27th January 2014, 9PM so that all your parcels can be posted out on 28th January & should arrive at your doorstep by the 29-30th! 

Daisy Bustier Dress
Basic Textured Top

Eden Flare Dress in Porcelain
Eden Flare Dress in Oriental

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Till next time,
Happy Shopping!