Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Daisy Denim Dress

We've previously featured a Daisy Printed Lightweight Denim Shirt, so this time around we decided to bring in something a little more Summer & a little more fun! This adorable little denim dress comes with a fully functional double breasted floral trim pockets & multicoloured buttons. One might worry that denim might be a tad too hot for our current weather, but we assure you with this dress it's got just enough structure & yet is light enough to be worn on a daily basis. An elastic waistband is a must for making sure there's space for Summer desserts.
denim blue (sold)
blue slate
sky blue
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W - 42cm, L - 86cm
Colour details. Close up of daisy trim pockets & multicoloured buttons.