Thursday, September 6, 2012

Work & Play by Supre Australia

It’s been awhile since we’ve brought in something from Supre, so we’re taking this post and dedicating it to 3 simple but gorgeous Supre pieces.

Victoria Beckham Inspired Colour Block Dress. 
If you’re a huge fan of Victoria Beckham & her clothing line, you’ll definitely love this dress! Fully inspired by Victoria’s two tone dress in her Spring ‘12 collection, this dress is incredibly beautiful. The simple colour block lines create a perfect streamlined appearance, while the cut & fit of the dress adds just the right touch of illusion to enhance that hourglass figure of yours. Channel Victoria by never forgetting that skyscraper heel of yours!
VB Colour Block Dress 
jade (xxs) (sold)
autumn (xxs) (sold)
ruby (xs) (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
XXS: W - 33cm, L – 98cm
XS: W - 35cm, L – 98cm

Zebra Fitted Dress.
From a typical long day at work, with a classic chic outfit to get you going to an all night, party till dawn outfit! Here’s Supre signature fitted mini dress with a cut & fit that so perfectly hugs your body, coupled with a strong, adventurous zebra print, this dress sure is a stunner! As the dress is already so strong & bold, do take your shoes & accessories easy so you don’t walk around looking like you tried too hard.
Zebra Fitted Dress 
zebra (xs) (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W - 34cm, L - 77cm

Batwing Cropped Jumper.
Definitely something for the weekend! Preferably a nice long one where you can just hang out with friends at the mall, a chic cafe or by a pool. This oversized, cropped jumper is your friend for any occasion! If there’s one thing to be said about Supre’s casual items, it’s that they are always made out of the silkiest & smoothest cotton available. This top is surprisingly light weight, comfy & incredibly chic!
Batwing Cropped Jumper 
white (xxs, xs) (sold)
marle grey (xxs) (sold)
black (xs) (sold)
indigo (xxs) (sold)
poppy (s) (sold)
bahamas (xs) (sold)
violet (xxs) (sold)
RM39 | SGD16 | USD13
XXS: W - 64cm, L – 48cm
XS: W - 66cm, L – 48cm
S: W – 68cm, L – 48cm

And that’s all from us this time around.
Supre fans raise your hands!

Till next time!