Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pieces to Pick

Pieces you’ll want in a few or ALL colours!

Mini Peplum Dress.
Peplum pieces are all the rage this season! While I understand that some of us might be a little bit gifted in the hips, and therefore putting on a full peplum outfit might enhance what we wish to hide, a mini peplum outfit might be just what your closet needs. This simple dress comes with perfect fitting, giving you that illusive hourglass illusion. An edgy asymmetrical collar & mini peplum details at the front. An ideal dress for work & by letting your hair down a great dress for happy hour! A great piece for any corporate closets.
black (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
W – 38cm, L – 80cm

Silly Stripes. 
There is something sickly adorable about this dress. Be it the simple Peter Pan collar, or the tiny little bow right between it; this dress surely is too cute to ignore! While a lot of people to feel that horizontal stripes are the death of all slender silhouettes, I find that with this dress & it’s simple ribbon belt it does the opposite! The dress itself cuts a little loose, so if you’re the kind who LOVES loose pieces, this one is for you! If you love the dress, but can’t bear wearing something that doesn’t show off your waist, belting it in the middle will just do the trick! Either way, this dress is a Go-To dress for when you can’t quite decide what to wear & you gotta be out the door in a jiff!
caramel (sold)
black (sold)
RM59 | SGD24 | USD20
W – 42cm, L – 92cm

Neon Moustache. 
Days, you’ve been looking so cloudy & miserable lately. While we absolutely love the cool, breezy weather you’ve been giving us lately, we must say that the dreary grey clouds that are constantly clouding up our bright aura is slowly but surely bringing us down. When the weather is looking down & grey, what we like to do to perk things up is by slipping on a brightly coloured (or in this case neon) top & head out to conquer the world! By slipping on this neon sheer top with it’s signature moustache, nothing & no one will get you down! It’s fun, edgy & oh-so-quirky that there ain’t nothing you can’t do! The prefect little pick me up piece!
Colours are brighter & more vivid in real life.
neon pink (sold)
neon yellow
white (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
W – 50cm, L – 54cm

Now, did we not say that you’ll want these babies in every colour!

Till next time!