Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glitter & Studs

Back from our short trip with a range of delectable goodies!

Studded Bralet & Studded Shorts. 
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous studded bralet. When we first saw this, let’s just say it was love at first sight! We absolutely LOVE the studs adorning the top of the bust, and frankly just the entire look & feel of the top. This top comes free size & with a side zipper. A great top for spicing up any highwaisted skirts, shorts or jeans. Or just wear it as a pretty statement piece at the beach.
black (sold)
peach (sold)
blue (sold)
RM55 | SGD23 | USD18
W – 39cm, L – 37cm

A pretty awesome pair of shorts I must say! Delightfully highwaisted with a sexy knickers cut, this shorts is definitely not for the faint hearted. Coupled with it’s fierce studs & eye burning bright neon shade, this shorts is frankly a show stopper, head turner & all round fierce piece of clothing! Total love.
Model wearing size M.
neon green (s & m) (sold)
neon orange (s & m) (sold)
neon pink (s & m) (sold)
RM65 | SGD27 | USD22
S: W – 34cm, L – 26cm
M: W – 36cm, L – 26cm

Toning things down a little, we bring you...

Glitter Collar Shift. 
If you’re wondering where the wigs are for this outfit, my sisters sadly forbade me to wear my wigs anymore.
Shift dresses are great particularly for days when you wanna dress up & look good, but don’t quite feel inclined to squeeze into a teeny tiny bodycon dress. They’re cutting comes a little looser & a tad more comfy than your usual bodycon dress & they’re incredibly great for those dreaded fat days. They will basically look good on just about any figure & when it comes with a trendy glitter collar with a keyhole just under the button, you can easily opt to wear this dress either front or back. A universally flattering piece, in universally flattering shades.
navy (sold)
white (sold)
black (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 44cm, L – 78cm

Two completely different outfits & looks to choose from.
Who will you be? A saucy, fierce neon punk or a classy, elegant socialite?

Till next time!