Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Supre Singlets & Skirts

These are the very last pieces of Supre Fitted Mini Skirts & Supre Front Gather Singlet we have available in hand. So if you just can’t wait anymore, we highly recommend you get it now while you still can! :)

Fitted Mini Skirt.
Just as we were doing our stock checks, we realised that we still have these pretty amazing Supre Fitted Skirts still available! Okay, given they are the very last piece of each colour already, we absolutely cannot resist posting these up again! They’re wonderfully comfortable, made out of strong, durable & stretchable cotton. The material itself isn’t too thin, but if you’re worried about VPL’s it’s always a good idea to opt for seamless undies when it comes to tight fitting bottoms. Available in an array of colours, these skirts are a must have to brighten up your closet!
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Fitted Mini Skirt 
Barbados (XXS)
Helsinki (XXS) (sold)
Midnight (XXS) (sold)
Peaceful (XXS) (sold)
Frisky (XXS)
Banda Pink (XXS, XS) (xxs sold, xs available)
Pink Hearts (XS) (sold)
Basic: RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
Printed: RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XXS: W – 30cm, L - 36cm
XS: W – 33cm, L – 36cm
From left: Banda Pink, Pink Hearts, Adriana (sold), Barbados, Sunset (sold), Peaceful, Copacabana (sold), Helsinki, Midnight, Frisky.

Ribbed Fitted Mini Skirts.
When we saw these going at such a bargain on the Supre website, we just couldn’t resist grabbing a bunch of them and selling it at a wonderfully affordable price of only RM25! Both these skirts come with a ribbed texture. While they’re definitely not quite as thick as the previous skirts, they are still just as comfortable and are a great staple for any closet! How can you possibly go wrong with a pair of good black or charcoal grey mini skirt. They’re casual enough to be worn out in the day, and formal enough to be paired with a structured top for an office chic look. At such a bargain, how can you possibly resist getting it in both colours!
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Ribbed Fitted Mini Skirt 
Black (XXS) (sold)
Charcoal (XXS) (sold)
RM25 | SGD10 | USD8
XXS: W – 30cm, L – 40cm
*These skirts we’ve got it left in a few pieces so grab’em while you can!

Front Gather Singlets.
We are absolutely in LOVE with these Front Gather Singlet tops! We’ve already got it in so many colours for ah hem, ourselves we just couldn’t resist sharing these with you guys again when we found out that we still have them available! The first 2 are made out of sheer chiffon and are absolutely great for just about any occasion! The one below, we love that it’s made out of Supre’s ever popular light weight cotton material that’s totally breezy & comfortable. The striped cotton one is slightly sheer, but not as sheer as the chiffon ones. A perfect top for any situation surely!
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Front Gather Singlet 
Barbados (XXS) (sold)
Watermelon (XXS) (sold)
Paris/White (XXS) (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 34cm, L - 56cm

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So that’s about it from us this time around. A pretty short update, but we just wanted to share with you guys these awesome items that we just dug up from our rounds of stock checking. :)

Till next time!