Sunday, July 8, 2012

Head-to-Toe Prints

Florals, ornate geometrics, ferocious animal prints, confusing spirals & swirls have completely taken over today’s post! Whether you’re looking for a sweet floral piece, a bold & sassy Versace inspired or fierce leopard prints. We’ve got something for everyone!

An intensely bright, bold & colourful printed dress. The dress itself is cut loose with a simple flare skirt and universally flattering round neckline. It comes sleeveless & if you prefer your dresses tight, opt to belt it at the waist for an effortlessly chic look. The dress without a belt, comes with a slight drop waist, so if you’re looking to elongate your body either wear it loose & beltless or wrap the belt right at your hips to enhance the drop waist detail & lengthen your torso.
pink (sold)
black (sold)
blue (sold)
red (sold)
orange (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 42cm, L – 84cm
From left: complimentary belt & colour chart (from top: red, blue, orange, pink, black).

Sweet Florals. 
If you love our heart shaped printed Candy Hearts dress, you’ll love this just as well! Crafted out with the same lightweight material & the simple yet flattering girly cut, this dress is for all lovers of florals! The perfect dress for a tea party, a sunny walk in the park or just a casual window shopping day at the mall. Simple, comfortable & oh-so-effortless. A dress you can pull on, slip on pretty ballet flats & prance around like you just don’t care!
white (sold)
nude (sold)
grey (sold)
orange (sold)
black (sold)
RM39 | SGD16 | USD13
W – 28cm, L – 70cm
From left: black, grey, orange, nude, white.

A dress with a simple knee grazing length, a classic round neckline and slight sleeveless padding. Doesn’t quite sound too exciting does it? But coupled with the gorgeous square gold pieces around the collar and it’s fierce leopard prints, this dress is screaming excitement! A dress not quite for the faint hearted, but perfect for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd & be all eyes on them!
brown (sold)
grey (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 38cm, L – 100cm
Brown & grey detail with square gold plating.

I for one am definitely a fan of prints! Doesn’t quite matter what prints it is, if it looks good and it’ll make me look good I am totally, completely & utterly SOLD!

What about you guys? Any print lovers other there? :)

Till next time!