Sunday, June 10, 2012

Soul to Seoul

As my sister was at South Korea recently, I insisted that she bring back a few adorable Korean outfits to share with you guys! There’s something about Korean fashion that’s so uniquely theirs & incredibly adorable as well! Can’t help but say that their quality is top notch as well! As these items are imported, they are strictly at one piece only & non-restockable.

An adorable mini dress or long top! We absolutely love the drop waist design (which by the way, is all the rage now!) design to properly elongate your body and the simple Peter Pan collar which according to my sister, is a HUGE trend now in Korea! For those lucky ones who are petite, you’ll be able to wear this as a mini dress! If you’re taller and would like to wear this, all you gotta do is just pair it with simple shorts, leggings or pastel skinny jeans!
navy+pink (sold)
mint+white (sold)
RM55 | SGD23 | USD18
W – 40cm, L – 72cm

We all love our vintage prints! A rather fun and cutesy dress! Perfect for a stroll out at the Cheongnyangi Stream! A lovely location for couples and photo shoots. The dress comes with a standard elastic waist, a thigh skimming length and coupled with the ever popular Peter Pan collar! The perfect dress for a sweet & romantic first date.  Bring out your girly side with this pretty little thing of a dress.
yonsei (sold)
kyunghee (sold)
ehwa (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 40cm, L – 78cm

With slight puffed sleeves, functional buttons at the sleeves and breast pockets that work this sheer chiffon top is a popular piece in Korea. Pastel colours are another huge fashion trend right now in Korea, I reckon it’s due to it’s pretty & simplistic shade that instantly lends a sweet touch to any outfit. This top is incredibly versatile, if you’re not one to wear sheer tops out, you can always opt to pair it with a simple tank/maxi dress for a more conservative look, or just throw on an adorable mini skirt for a fun & flirty appearance.
pastel green (sold)
pastel peach
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 46cm, L – 60cm

As Korean females tend to be so slim & purdy with gorgeous legs, they enjoy showing it off by donning on flirty mini skirts with cute pretty prints! They even wear these mini skirts around during Winter! They keep their legs warm by pairing it with sheer leggings or some of the ones who are incredibly fearless, they just go around during Winter in their mini skirts sans leggings! They enjoy pairing their mini skirts with comfy oversized tees and cute heels, or for a cute geek chic look they pair it with oxford shoes!
white (sold)
black (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
W – 26cm, L – 36cm
From top: black, white.

As my sister would like to say it, look ‘QQ’ with these adorable Korean pieces! Definitely a great addition to any closet.

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Till next time!