Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buttons & Collars with Supre

Taking a break from our previous bright post, we bring you this short & sweet update of simple button down, sleeveless collar tops & dresses! All imported from Supre Australia!

A simple shirt dress. Designed with a slightly loose fit, so if you’re one who prefers your dresses tighter just pair it up with a belt at the waist for an instantly cinched look. If it’s just one of those days where you’re too lazy for pants, throw on this dress & you’re pretty much good to go. Buttons only come down halfway, so there won’t be any accidents between the thighs. If you’ve been searching for that elusive perfect shirt dress, I reckon this is probably the best you’ll ever find! The material is smooth while not as soft as the top below, is a little more structured to give the entire dress some hold & shape.
Sleeveless Shirt Dress 
Black (XS) (sold)
Cream (XS)  (sold)  
Navy (S) (sold)
Ibiza (S) (sold)
RM55 | SGD23 | USD18
XS: W - 42cm, L - 82cm
S: W - 44cm, L - 82cm

Crafted out of the softest & smoothest cotton you’ll ever find, this casual button down top is a must have for every fashionista’s closet! It’s soft & comfy enough to be worn on a daily basis, and it comes with buttons that can be unbuttoned all the way down to be thrown over an outfit as a vest or just wear it on it’s on with simple shorts for a super casual look. The material of this top is so soft, I’m most tempted to keep them in all colours! A versatile piece that can be worn over & over again.
Button Front Casual Shirt 
Cream (XS) (sold)
Bahamas (XS) (sold)
Indigo (XS) (sold)
Autumn (XS) (sold)
Black (XS) (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W - 40cm, L – 60cm

Ah, gotta love Supre for their amazing basic pieces! There’s just something about their material that is so soft & comfy! Maybe it’s because these Aussies love their casual outfits? Who knows, but I sure ain’t complaining! :)

Till next time!