Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bright Summer

What with the sudden onslaught of a dull, muddy haze filled few days, I thought that perhaps this superbly bright cheery update might do us a little good to brighten up our mood!

Hi-Low Colour Block.
You’ve seen it on Facebook. Now here it is up for grabs! A simple chiffon singlet, beautifully layered with coloured chiffon and designed in such a way that’s simply stunning! A piece that can be worn front or back. Pair it with highwaist shorts or skinnies for a casual day look, or throw on a short contrasting colour mini skirt for a quick party look. For a more corporate look, simply throw on a fitted blazer & simple slacks for a pop of colour at work. An incredible versatile top, in bright cheery colours to die for!
orange (sold)
sea blue (sold)
turquoise (sold)
royal blue (sold)
black (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 42cm, L – 44cm (shortest), 70cm (longest)

Scallop Fever.
There’s something about scallop hems that are just so pretty! I think the rounded edges totally adds an incredibly feminine feel to your entire look. I love how this dress has laser cut edges! Totally gives it a modern & raw touch to the outfit. The dress is rather short, but if you’re one of the lucky petites, you can totally get away with it being just a mini dress, for those of us who tend to be a little leggier, well pairing it with a fitted mini, leggings or skinnies will do just the trick! This dress looks amazing worn alone or paired with various bottoms. Lighter colours are sheer, so do take note.
yellow (sold)
coral (sold)
nude (sold)
black (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 44cm, L – 70cm 
From top: collar & sleeve detail, close up of scallop details, bottom hem of the dress.

Bright Shift.
When my eyes first landed on this dress, I was pretty much SOLD! I absolutely love the double collars that come with a sunny yellow over black, the fully functional front buttons that ends just at the waist & the adorable faux pocket on your chest. Best part, this dress comes with a complimentary black braided tassel belt that you can totally use for all your other outfits and it comes wonderfully lined as well, so definitely no sheerness issues!
turquoise (sold)
mint (sold)
pink (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 42cm, L – 76cm

Summer Convertible.
A convertible dress is a MUST HAVE in every fashionista’s closet! They’re the one versatile dress that you can reuse over & over again by styling up the top area in either a modest fully covered shoulder design, or opt for something sexier by exposing the back with a twisted braid design. I’ve always loved the convertible dress, but as they usually only come in safe colours like black, blue & white I decided it was about time I got one made that came in bright cheerful shades!
I love how these will totally brighten up your day just by putting them on! They’re available in contrasting colours of turquoise/purple & pink/yellow. For those who prefer a more subtle hue, they come in yellow/cream & pale pink/pink.
If you notice, the skirt actually comes with a slight ombre tone as well. Simply beautiful. 
turquoise+purple (sold)
pale pink+pink
RM79 | SGD33 | USD26
Skirt only: W – 32cm, L – 48cm
Clockwise from top left: yellow+cream, turquoise+purple, pale pink+pink, pink+yellow.
Sue Lynn aka Bangsar Babe. Accessories: The Aura Handmade Little Trinket

So concludes our wonderfully bright & colourful post.
What’d ya guys think? I total pick me up for these hazy days, don’t you think? :)

Till next time!