Monday, May 14, 2012


A short & sweet post with vintage printed tees, cute heart shaped dress & the very last of our bikinis series!

Oversized Vintage Tees.
If it isn’t already very blatantly apparently, let me just make it a bit more obvious. I LOVE MY OVERSIZED TEES! Especially when they come in such fun & adorable vintage prints! These tees are without a doubt timeless! They’re the staple you always go to when you’re in a rush and just need to grab something comfortable! Oversized tees have never failed me as they go well with shorts, skirts, jeans, maxi skirts and just about everything in your closet! While they definitely aren’t for work, they pretty much will work for any other occasion!
converse (sold)
buses (sold)
bags (sold)
horoscope (sold)
scooter (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
W – 60cm, L – 66cm

Hearts & Pan.
We know you’ve been asking us to bring back our Print Shift vintage dress, but most unfortunately we are unable to restock it. However, we did manage to find this adorable heart printed dress instead! Comes with adorable Peter Pan collar that’s absolutely all the rage now, a basic elastic waist and a slightly flared skirt. A dress too cute to resist! Trust us, we were very torn on which colour we like best!
white (sold)
black (sold)
blue (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 38cm, L – 80cm

Knit Bikinis & Sailor Boyshorts Bikinis. WebWeb
We know knit bikinis aren’t quite what you see around, but we couldn’t resist as they came in such adorable hand knitted prints! While we are not quite sure how well these bikinis will last in the pool or the ocean, but on their own they make perfect pieces to just be lazing around on a deck chair or on your towel & just soaking up some Vitamin D.
We know some of you guys have been asking us for boyshorts bikini bottoms, and here we have just one design with it! It comes with an adorable navy sailor striped top & a simple bottom with a string.
Do note that the bikinis are free size & not all of them come padded.
black&white (sold)
bright pink (sold)
tunnel blue (sold)
turquoise&brown (sold)
sailor boyshorts (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16

And that’s about it from us this time around. What’d ya guys think? :)
Any favourites of the lot?
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Till next time!