Monday, May 7, 2012

Candy Bites

A post dedicated to all things sweet, sinful & delicious!

Sugar High. 
Summer is just around the corner, and while our weather has been rather erratic lately we shouldn’t let it get us down by brightening it up with these gorgeous skirts! Available in 4 delicious sweet candy shades, we bring you this incredibly basic highwaist knee length skirt. Aside from the fabulously fun colours it comes in, we’re also greatly in love with how we can wear this skirt in various directions! The skirt comes with a standard small slit & a functional zipper, adjust the zipper to either side of your hip & wear the slit on the front or back, or if you prefer to have your slits at the side, just turn the skirt around and wear the zipper in front or behind. 
mint (sold)
pink (sold)
blue (sold)
yellow (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 34cm, L – 50cm
*Sheer chiffon singlet available here.

Candy Cane.
I don’t know what it is about this dress, but it seems that the moment I put it on it somehow manages to give the illusion of an instantly slimmer me! I can’t quite tell if it’s from the strategically placed lines all across the dress, the perfectly chosen contrast shades to go on each dress or the utterly seamless way the dress just fits to your body. A simple dress that comes with an incredibly basic U-neckline on the front, and a slightly deeper U-back, a functional exposed gold zipper on the back.
navy+nude (sold)
pale blue+nude (sold)
pale pink+navy (sold)
nude+black (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
W -  38cm, L – 88cm

Sugar Drops. 
Continuing our obsession for candy coloured pieces, we bring you something casual, comfy & incredibly wearable. While we’ve seen a lot of oversized tops out there nowadays, we absolutely can’t help but bring this particular one in as we are greatly obsessed with the colours it comes in! We love how it’s got a fun polka dot print on the front with a cute & functional front pocket, contrast necklines & hems and an incredibly simple back. Oversized tops are a must have for all lazy days, and when they come in such adorable prints & shades how can you say no!
double orange (sold)
black (sold)
white (sold)
orange+teal (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
W – 66cm, L – 68cm

And so ends our yummy candy coloured post. What’d ya guys think? Loving these shades for summer yet? :)

Till next time!