Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bits of Black

Nothing says staple like black. Black to me is one of the most universally versatile colours. While white adds a pure & clean appearance to an outfit, there’s something about black that’s mysterious & incredibly enticing. Plus, it’s the most slimming of the two! ;)

Here’s a post with pieces all with hints of black or it’s sisters navy & brown.

Naked Back.
There’s nothing we like more than flaunting our backs. It detracts from any waist issues you might have and lends just the perfect touch of sexiness to any outfit. Cut outs are seriously still all the rage and when we saw this particular dress, we quite frankly fell for it. We love the high neckline at the front that looks incredibly modest, but with a hint of skin at the side of the waist that slowly leads the eye to the superbly cut out back. The buttons at the top & exposed zipper at the back are fully functional for your convenience.
black (sold)
brown (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
W – 32cm, L – 88cm
*Not restockable.

Ms. Moustache.
I don’t know about you guys, but I personally find that the design just under the bust area looks like a moustache to me! Which really is a rather interesting way to highlight & enhance the bust area. The curved in lines on the front side of the body projects the illusion of a slim hourglass figure, while the lines along the back further adds to the illusion by flaring out at the bottom and coming up real slim at the back of the waist. Made of thick quality cotton, comes padded at the bust, with a hidden side zipper & a small slit at the back.
red+black (sold)
black+nude (sold)
blue+black (sold)
purple+navy (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
W – 38cm, L – 70cm

I know you guys have been asking me to bring back Mesh Webs, but sadly the dress just doesn’t wanna be available anymore! What can we do but find something totally similar to it!

Black Webs.
Definitely the most modest of the 3 dresses, but we’ve gotta love that lace detail at the hem of the dress! A basic black dress with sheer long sleeves and a sexy short length with a front that has a lovely sweetheart neckline & covered with intricate bold lace details that are just too stunning for words! We love how the dress has incredibly modest long sleeves & a sexy short hemline coupled with it’s lace details at the hem adding a touch of femininity.
Please note that the bottom of the hemlines, they are all cut unevenly so if you see a few uneven ends, that’s normal.
champagne (sold)
pink (sold)
nude (sold)
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23
W – 36cm, L – 72cm

And that’s all from us this time around! While we all love black, adding pops of colour to black is will always brighten up an outfit!

Till next time!