Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sorbets, Slits & Lattice

Hey guys! First of all, HAPPY APRIL’S FOOL! Did you manage to fool anyone? Or did you get fooled today? Anyhow, moving along… for this Sunday’s post we brought in a bunch of pretty pieces! A sorbet printed shift dress, a sexy double mid-thigh front slit chiffon skirt & a cutout shoulder lattice bodycon dress.

Sorbet Shift.
A wonderfully simple dress with a typical round neckline, a sleeveless cut and a sexy mid-thigh length painted in delicious sorbet shades, this dress is insanely pretty! The dress itself is cut rather loose, so paired with 2 plain black ribbons on the side, you can opt to give yourself the illusion of a wonderful hourglass figure by bringing the 2 strings & tying it at the back or bring it up front. This I would say is the perfect dress for days you wanna look pretty but you just can’t be bothered with struggling into a tight dress.
watermelon (sold)
blueberry (sold)
peach (sold)
pineapple (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 44cm, L – 80cm

Sexy Slits.
While we were attempting to find a really pretty asymmetrical chiffon skirt, we sadly couldn’t but instead we thought that this would be a wonderful substitute instead. Glamorously highwaisted with 2 sexy slits down the front, this dress spells legs, legs, legs! So pull on your skyscraper boots & show off those legs! Skirt comes with a hidden side zipper and a short inner lining. The cutting of the waist band might be a little small, so you might find that it’ll be easier to pull the skirt on from the top.
black (sold)
white (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 30cm, L – 87cm

Intricate Lattice.
As a cut, the bodycon dress is one of the most flattering, it hugs at all the right places and will flatter just about anyone. What we absolutely love about this dress is it’s simple sweetheart neckline, it’s simple fitted cut and the wonderfully intricate laser cut details across the shoulders. The cut outs actually reminds me of beautiful stained glass, well minus the glass anyway. Also, for some reason if you do decide to wear this dress out and go get yourself a tan, can you imagine the really interesting tan lines you’ll get on your shoulders & back! Aside from that, if you’re a bodycon fan and would love to add a touch of something different to your closet, this lattice cut dress is made just for you!
black (sold)
mustard (sold)
blue (sold)
pink (sold)
orange (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 38cm, L – 78cm

And that’s all from us this time around. What’d ya guys think? :)
Any favourites? Personally we’ve got our heart set on the chiffon double slit skirt because when paired with Doc Martens we feel like we’re ready to kick some serious ass!

Till next time!