Monday, April 9, 2012

Goodbye Monday Blues

Monday mornings are never easy. Especially when you’ve had a nice long relaxing weekend, pulling yourself up from bed can be quite a challenge. Which is why, for a little pick me up I would find that a little shopping will ease the transition from play to work. Just something small to perk up your mood and get you going for the rest of the week.
As such, for today’s update we’ve brought in some simple colour block pieces with selective cut outs and an incredibly smooth & stretchy neon tank top that can double up as a short mini dress. Take a look. :)

It seems that the cut out trend is not going anywhere & is definitely here to stay. While we’ve seen quite a number of ones that are cut out at the back, here’s one that’s selectively cut out just under the shoulders. The back of this dress is incredibly simple to let the attention be drawn to the front. Simple thick straps design with a bold criss-cross X across the bust and a simple black skirt makes this dress lovely piece indeed.  
monochrome (sold)
burnt sienna (sold)
RM55 | SGD30 | USD18
W – 34cm, L – 80cm

A simple soft, cotton t-shirt mini dress, adorned with 3 pretty petals across the neckline, a medium sized oval cut out on the middle of the back & coupled with contrast trims. What we love about this dress, is the fact that is is so fitted you can wear it either as a dress alone or wear it as either a top or bottom separate. Because the dress it fitted you’re welcome to throw on your own skirt of choice, and just by rolling up the hem the option to colour block this outfit is possible. If you choose to wear this as a skirt, the sides of the dress come with a band of bold colours so opt to layer the top & show off your sexy legs.
black+white (sold)
blue+black (sold)
black+red (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 32cm , L – 75cm

Neon Tanks.
As a huge fan of all things neon. As a huge fan of all things casual. As a huge fan of all things simple. When I first saw this time, what simply drew me to it was first of all, the super duper bright colours! As I have recently acquired a pair of neon jeans & a neon lace mini skirt. All I needed was a neon top to complete my dream of becoming a highlighter pen. Naturally, when I saw these tank top colours, I knew I just had to have them! Their cut in a basic singlet design, longer than your usual tank top so if you opt to wear is as a mini dress you can but just bear in mind that they’re kinda sheer, so appropriate undies are needed. So if you’re looking for that bright neon top, here you have it! Material is soft, stretchable and smooth.
coral (sold)
yellow (sold)
pink (sold)
RM39 | SGD16 | USD13
W – 32cm, L – 68cm
As neon colours don’t come out well on camera (or at least my camera), here’s a swatch on the colours that bring it pretty close to the actual thing.
From top: pink, coral & yellow.

So if you’re ever feeling the Monday blues, a little shopping in things of bright colours are always an instant pick me up! Or it always works for me anyways. :)

Till next time!