Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Fuss Dresses

We know you’ve been seeing lots of casual pieces lately, so we thought we would take a break from them and bring back a post entirely for dresses! We love how there’s no hassle about finding matching bottoms for it! Yes, we admit, we can be pretty lazy that way! ;)

Hi Halter.
While I am not a person who actually goes out partying anymore, I do always miss it when I see a sexy sultry dress like this that is begging me to wear it out! I absolutely LOVE the simple halter neck design of this dress. Absolutely no buttons, no tying you just slip it on, slide your feet into a pair of killer heels and you’re all set for the night out! The front of the dress comes slightly toga cut, with one side being higher than the other and comes with lovely zigzag patterns.
grey+black (sold)
purple+grey (sold)
black+white (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
W – 30cm, L – 80cm

Raw Edges.
Another simple dress to compliment the one above. While the one above is effortlessly sexy, this dress is a little more work appropriate we would like to think. The edges are laser cut, seamless and absolutely raw, with the dress in a simple figure skimming cut. Opt to wear this dress with the typical round neck in front or spin it around and wear it with the higher cut back for a more modest look. Throw on a simple fitted blazer and this dress would be work perfect! Comes with a leopard scarf as well.
yellow (sold)
navy (sold)
pink (sold)
RM55 | SGD23  | USD18
W – 38cm, L – 105cm

Peter Pan.
A dress that comes with a Peter Pan collar, mesh shoulders & back, an exposed black & gold zipper and really pretty floral brocade all over. Why how could we possibly resist? There is so much to love about this dress! While it’s not quite as figure hugging as Mesh Webs, we do like how that makes the dress a little more conservative and might even be possible for office wear. Or at least that’s what we think with it’s slightly formal collar. ;)
white (sold)
nude (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W – 40cm, L – 85cm
From left: White & Nude. | Collar & zipper details.

And that’s all from us this time around. What’d ya guys think of these 3 dresses? We love how all 3 of them are pretty simple in design & cut and that’s what truly lovely about them. No fuss dresses.

Till next time!