Thursday, March 15, 2012

Neon in the sun

As a great fan of the whole sun, sea, sand combo, I naturally cannot resist bringing in brightly coloured cheerful bikinis! I am sadly the kind of person who has a drawer full of bikinis but can never resist giving in & buying more! Especially when they are readily available in such bright happy colours that always instantly brightens up my day! So what are you waiting for, grab a piece (or a few!) of these gorgeous neon bikinis and say hello beach! Or hey, your neighbourhood pool works just as well. :)

Let me be completely honest with you. What actually caught my eye first & foremost about these bikinis were their absolutely bright neon colours! I am so in love with how bright they are and how they are wonderfully clashing! Hey! Colour blocking is still in & these amazing bikinis that lets you wear them in a multitudes of ways are definitely one that you can wear over & over again! These come padded.
neon pink+electric blue (sold)
deep pink+chocolate (sold)
neon pink+black (sold)
blue manic stripes (sold)
limey pastels (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20

You know what they say, embellishments at the bust helps enhance it! I absolutely love the frilled details on the bikini tops! They’re pretty, dainty & oh so girly! Plus, the added enhancement helps too! Adorned with a single bead on each neck strap, gives the entire bikini a slightly tribal feel. Love it! String tie bikini bottom.
bright orange (sold)
deep pink (sold)
sea blue (sold)
bright red (sold)
white (sold)
royal purple (sold)
RM55 | SGD23 | USD18

Bikinis always fill us with such joy! It promises a chilled out, relaxed good time by the pool or at the beach! Utter bliss.

Please note that for the neon pieces, the colours are actually brighter and more neon in real life. Also, bikinis are all free size, so if you happen to see labels on them dictating the size just ignore it. :)

Till next time!