Thursday, March 22, 2012

Memory Lane

Memories. Good ones, bad ones, not so memorable ones. We have them all. In this post, we bring you back to a few of our favourite pieces. While we couldn’t exactly get the exact same designs as the previous ones, we did bring you some gorgeous updated versions of them.
Same same but different la! :)

Remember this dress?
I’ve had a few of you guys asking me if the dress was restockable, and sadly it wasn’t. However, I’ve been searching high & low for something similar and have found something incredibly close to it! Check it out below! :)

Mesh Webs.
A dress incredibly similar to the one above. This one comes with a sheer mesh shoulder, a simple curved neckline and the usual lovely lace webs detailing! The details on the dress are incredible! The webs are intricately woven together and delicately sewn. Truly one of our most detailed pieces!
nude (sold)
white (sold)
pale pink (sold)
black (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
W - 34cm, L - 68cm
From left: White, pink, nude & black. | Mesh shoulder detail.

Back in 2010.
Gosh, this dress was so long ago! But still so pretty! Would have gladly kept one for myself, but it was a tad too short for my liking. It was alright for photoshoots, but not so for daily wear because as soon as the wind blows… WOOOSH! Bad things happen.

Pretty Little Florals.
While the previous dress was sheer at the top, this one is lined both at the top & bottom so there won’t be any worry for it being sheer. However, do keep your undies in nude/neutral shades just to be safe anyways. Where there’s sunlight, things might shine through. This simple round neck dress comes with capsleeves to hide our upper arm flab and a basic elastic waist that flares prettily into a cute skirt. Definitely a keeper for those breezy floral days.
white (sold)
yellow (sold)
green (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
W - 20cm, L - 78cm
From left: White, yellow, green.

Hello Tanks!
A staple & a must have in various prints! If you missed out on the Starbucks one the last time, we’ve brought in a few more just for you guys! :)

Tank Top Staple.
If you guys don’t already know, my everyday staple is a tank top. Or on slightly cooler days a t-shirt. Why do I live in clothes like that? When you’re out and about running errands the last thing you wanna be in is a gorgeous dress that if you’re a super klutz like me will totally mess up in about 5minutes. The best option? Pull on a cute tank top & shorts and just run out! With so many adorable prints to pick from, it’s without a doubt that you’ll wear’em over & over again!
umbrella (sold)
hot lips (sold)
bugeyed kitty (sold)
lashes & kisses (sold)
hangout (sold)
follow me (sold)
birds connecting (sold)
starbucks (sold)
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10
W - 40cm, L - 64cm

And that’s about it from us this time around!
What a walk down memory lane. :)

Till next time!