Thursday, March 1, 2012

Markets @ Jaya One

Hey peeps! Sad to say there won’t be any updates tonight as we’re right now busy preparing for our first bazaar of 2012 with Markets at Jaya One!

Below we have included a few photos of New Arrivals that will be going up on sale there first! Oh, and we’ll also be having a clearance rack with pieces all going at 50% off! Yippeeeeeee! New stuff & discounts for the win!

From left: Bustier Skater dress in Yummy Plum, Mermaid pleated tube dress in Fiery Red, Lower X backless dress in Creamy Nude & Hourglass Illusion dress in Black with Pale Taupe trimmings.

Also, we’ll be bringing in the LAST few pieces of our Polka Dotted French Kiss dress!
Once these are gone, they’re gone totally peeps! So best you grab’em while you can!

Now that we’ve shown you what we’re gonna be bringing in, here’s a map of our spot at Jaya One!
Jaya One Layout
We’re at Booth #5, near The Bee! Do drop by to say hello there! :)

If you like freebies (who doesn’t!), do be sure to drop by early (we start 11am!) as Markets will be giving out a SWAG bag to the first 200 peeps who register at their counter right across from Duck King & Guo Ren Guan!

Make your presence known by clicking GOING on their FB Event Page.
And if you need more info or just wanna check out who else is going, click here for the complete scoop!
Please note that this is a strictly NO PLASTIC BAGS bazaar, so do your bit to save the environment by bringing your own.

For those of you who are lazy to read, here’s the point form version. :)
Organisers: Markets 
Date: 3rd March 2012
Time: 11am – 6pm
Location: Jaya One
Where to find Peep Boutique: Booth#5, near The Bee. :)
More info here.

See you guys there!
This is an event not to be missed! :)
Till next time!