Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time Tested Supre Basics

If there’s one thing you have to love about Supre, it’s their beautiful time tested basic pieces. What’s so great about them you ask?
I’m in love firstly with the amazing colour selection that they have for each item. Secondly, I must say that the material of their pieces are to die for. The cut is another thing of theirs which truly is amazing, I love the way the cut hugs your curves and accentuates them. Last but not least, I must say what is one of the best things about Supre basics are their insanely affordable prices! Tops from RM45 onwards with the perfect cut/fit/colour/size, now that’s a hard find. Without further delay, here are photos of my favourite Supre basics.

Fitted Maxi Dress.
When I first saw this dress go on sale on their website I just went WILD! I fell in love with the way the dress just hugs your curves perfectly! But the one thing that totally sold me was the fact that this maxi dress is LONG! Being about 170cm, it’s rather hard to find an affordable and gorgeous maxi dress that perfectly reaches the floor. Most of the ones I have, sadly just enjoy skimming my ankles, which really isn’t all that fun. So when the perfect maxi dress comes along what do you do? Buy it in as many colours possible!
Fitted Maxi Dress
Brazil (XS) (sold)
Marle Grey (XXS) (sold)
Jamaica (XXS) (sold)
Navy (XS) (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
XS: W - 32cm, L – 142cm
XXS: W - 30cm, L – 142cm
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Sailor Stripe Singlet Dress
If you’re a huge fan of mini dresses, and a huge fan of stripes. Which I happen to be both of, then this dress is the perfect one for you. Wonderfully comfortable, perfectly cooling for our hot, humid Malaysian weather and ideally fitted for either a casual day out with your girlfriends or a fun night out with a few drinks.
Sailor Stripe Singlet Dress
Navy (XS) (sold)
RM35 | SGD15 | USD12
XS: W – 32cm, L - 75cm

Tight Fitted Dress.
If you love basics, you’ll definitely be in love with this effortlessly wonderful mini dress. Nothing says minimalistic charm like this stunning, simplistic mini dress. Comes with a basic U-neck, a figure hugging cut and comfortable stretchy material. The dress to own, for a lazy day out without looking too made up, or swing it around and glam yourself out with chunky accessories and killer heels.
Tight Fitted Dress
Bubblegum (XS) (sold)
Helsinki (XS) (sold)
Passionate (XS) (sold)
Leopard (XXS) (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XXS: W – 30cm, L - 75cm
XS: W – 32cm, L - 75cm
Also available in Net Printed design. (sold)

Fitted Mini Skirt.
Ultimate basic fitted mini skirt in a rainbow of colours! These skirts are divinely basic, perfect for casual days, party nights, and paper chasing weekdays. Choose to wear the skirt higher up for a classic high-waisted look, or wear it at your hips for a moderate knee skimming length. Fitted skirts are a must have in every girl’s closet!
Fitted Mini Skirt
Barbados (XXS)
Helsinki (XXS)
Midnight (XXS)
Peaceful (XXS) (sold)
Frisky (XXS)
Copacabana (XXS) (sold)
Adriana (XS) (sold)
Sunset (XXS) (sold)
Banda Pink (XXS sold, XS)
Pink Hearts (sold)
Basic: RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
Printed: RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XXS: W – 30cm, L - 36cm
XS: W – 33cm, L – 36cm
From left: Banda Pink, Pink Hearts, Adriana, Barbados, Sunset, Peaceful, Copacabana, Helsinki, Midnight, Frisky.
If you’re looking for basic black/charcoal skirts, we have’em here & here.

Chiffon Front Gather Singlet.
A pretty little piece is what this is. Made of gorgeous, sheer chiffon with simple spaghetti straps and a lovely understated neckline. One of my favourite girly tops from Supre. Opt to pair it with a tube or singlet for a layered look, throw a structured jacket over it if you’re cold or just wear it alone with jeans/skirts and everything under the sun!
Chiffon Front Gather Singlet
Barbados (XXS)
Haze (XXS) (sold)
Watermelon (XXS) (sold)
Ibiza (XXS) (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 34cm, L - 56cm

Cotton Printed Front Gather Singlet.
Want a casual singlet top instead? Then look no further at these fun filled, cotton singlet tops! Made of cool, comfy cotton (an absolute favourite of mine!) and in simple funky feather prints or light & pretty candy pink stripes. The perfect top for a hot day out or just a simple day out at the beach. The perfect sunning top!
Cotton Printed Front Gather Singlet
Feather White (XS) (sold)
Paris/White (XXS) (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
XS: W – 34cm, L – 56cm
XXS: W – 34cm, L - 56cm

Oversized V-neck Top.
Last but not least, oversized v-neck dropped shoulder top! If you love tops that are loose and comfy, these are the ones for you! Available in 3 basic colours of nude, black & blue, these tops are perfect for lazy days. The dipped v-neck adds a hint of sex appeal to the top, while it’s modest length and 3/4 sleeves balances the entire top.
Oversized V-neck Top
Cosmo (XXS) (sold)
Black (XXS) (sold)
Helsinki (XS) (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XXS: W – 50cm, L – 62cm
XS: W – 52cm, L - 62cm
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And that’s about it from us this time around. We’ll be back next week with more goodies for you peeps! :)

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