Sunday, November 6, 2011

Casual Elegance

In an effort to cater to every occasion, every style & every need, we’ve brought in a range of delectable dresses for you to feast your eyes on. These dresses are wonderfully designed, with a sense of quality that is unsurpassed.

Solid Hues, Midi Median.
Wonderfully mod midi length dress. The dress is lovely in it’s simplicity, kinda like Gwyneth Paltrow. I should have called this the Gwyneth dress. Comes with a lovely capsleeve design & light shoulder pads, this dress is stretchable and wonderfully comfy for long wear. This dress just proves that you don’t need a whole lot of accessories or things going on to look wonderful. Step out with simple pumps and wow the world with this gorgeous simplicity.
burnt orange (sold)
black (sold)
red (sold)
blue (sold)
RM65 | SGD27 | USD22
*No longer restockable.

Solid Hues, Silver Bullets.
As always, we like to mix things up! We’ve brought in this edgy toga dress, or rather it’ll be a dress for everyone else and a long top for me. Comes with a simple stretchable inside that’s draped with a layer of sheer chiffon that flows beautifully from a layer of hand sewn silver beads. Opt to wear it toga style for a totally edgy Greecian look, or just wear it as a simple tube mini dress.
black (sold)
blue (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
Silver bullets along the shoulder.

Solid Hues, Scallop Hems.
We’ve seen plenty of scallop hemmed tops, and while we love them to bits we thought that this lovely scallop hemmed dress would be a great addition to your scallop collection! Sewn from simple chiffon and the hems laser cut to create that infamous scallop design, this dress can be worn lovingly loose, or belted with the slim green belt that comes with each dress or just pair it with any belts that you have in your closet. Another simplistic dress that is absolutely lovely. Material can be a tad sheer, so do make sure appropriate undies are worn.
green (sold)
blue (sold)
red (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
Scallop details!

Rose Falls, It’s Vera.
One word for this dress, Lovely. While we love our basic pieces, and we love our funky/edgy pieces, one of our favourite things are pretty, pretty pieces that make us feel all girly inside. This dress with it’s sweetheart neckline, rosette covered bust, waist cinching obi belt with a satin rose in the middle right down to the beautifully pleated circle skirt! Feel like a Disney Princess in this gorgeous rosette dress.
white (sold)
grey (sold)
black (sold)
RM55 | SGD23 | USD18 
Crinkle cut skirt, satin & mesh rose, beautiful details. 

Cut Out, Leopard Swing.
As we’ve mentioned in one of our posts a couple of days ago, animal prints are still a big thing this season! From Warehouse to Topshop to Lipsy, animal prints are all the rage right now. And what better way to seize the trend than to don on this leopard print dress, cut simply with it’s round neckline, circle skirt and it’s statement cut out back! Stay strong & stay fierce with this leopard printed dress!
dark leopard (sold)
light leopard (sold)
RM49 | SGD20| USD16
Same prints, different shades.

And that’s about it from us! What’d ya guys think? Which is your favourite?
Are you liking the simple pieces? Or are you more of a pretty piece kinda girl? Animal prints? Or silver bullets? What’s your poison?

Till next time!