Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Cases

We’ve been dying for the perfect boxy satchel of our own, and when our eyes feasted on these gorgeous little babies, we knew it was meant to be. There’s just no denying how wonderfully quirky these bags are. They may seem a little small, but we assure you once you open these gorgeous little boxes up, you’ll find that there’s ample space inside to keep everything you might need!

Ah, the perfect travelling companion! Light, sturdy and alarmingly spacious. There’s so much to love when it comes to a bag like this.

Do note that these bags are only available at 1 piece per design and are strictly NON-restockable.

Delightfully quirky.

Strap on, Strap off.

From the side.

Details, details, details.


union jack (sold)
director (sold)
bob marley (black) (sold)
bob marley (brown) (sold)
radiohead (sold)
RM79 | SGD33 | USD26

Width – 11cm, Height – 18, Length - 26cm

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So what’d ya guys think about these bags? :)
Personally, we’re madly in love with them all!

Till next time!