Sunday, October 2, 2011

Supre Basics

If you’ve already Liked our Page on Facebook (if you haven’t, please do so now! :D), you’ll know that we once in awhile bring in a few ready stock Supre items. While most of you so far have preferred our Pre-orders instead, we thought it would still be nice to have a few items in hand that are immediately available for those who just can’t take the wait. :)

Most of the time when you look at items from you see directly on their website, you aren’t too sure about the sizes and what the fit would be like. As such, we’ve taken photos of our latest batch of new Supre items for you guys. :)
Images to the Supre items can be found here, along with the list of links of Supre items we still have in hand. :)

Animal Printed Fitted Dress.
A popular favourite! We’ve had customers request we bring in more animal printed pieces and we’ve heard your cries and we’ve brought in these gorgeously printed fitted dresses in the fiercest possible prints! The material is incredibly thick and stretchy, making it figure hugging but not figure choking. :) We managed to get these only in a few pieces, so best you guys grab it while you can! :)
Animal Printed Fitted Dress
Leopard (XXS) (sold)
Dust (XS) (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XXS: W – 30cm, L – 75cm

Basic Tight Fitted Dress.
Continuing along with our fitted dress obsession, we can’t help but bring in these incredibly basic fitted dresses in the brightest, happiest possible shades! Well, that and a basic nude! We feel that if a little white dress isn’t quite your thing, you can always opt to get a little nude dress instead. :) These dresses while incredibly basic, are incredibly easy to dress up or down! Paired with a simple cardi, slim belt & pretty flats for a casual day out, or throw on some bling bling, pair of killer heels and smoky eyed make up for a fun night out in town! Choice is yours what you wanna do with this dress. :)
Tight Fitted Dress
Haze (XS) (sold)
Cheerful (XS) (sold)
Horizon (XXS) (sold)
Bubblegum (XS) (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
XXS: W - 30cm, L - 75cm
XS: W - 32cm, L – 75cm
*Cheerful is more of a orangey coral colour, while Horizon is a little more on the pinker side.

Cowl Neck Batwing Dress.
If there’s one thing we absolutely LOVE about this dress, is it’s incredibly soft cotton! We love how the material of this dress is so incredibly soft & smooth that all you wanna do is roll around in bed with it. Not that we would encourage you to do that, as a dress this pretty is made to me worn out! We love the simple cowl neck design, with it’s batwing sleeves that we are happy to announce isn’t too obvious for those of you who aren’t batwing fans. We especially love the adorable fold over skirt on the front, it totally takes it from s typical long sleeve dress, to too cute for words dress!
Cowl Neck Batwing Dress
Inspired (XXS) (sold)
Frisky (XXS) (sold)
Charcoal (XXS) (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
XXS: W – 30cm, L - 75cm

Capsleeve Mini Dress.
A capsleeve dress is a must have in every woman’s closet. Why you ask? While the rest of the style & length of the dress is up to you to decide, a simple capsleeve dress with an above the knee length is one of the easiest dresses to dress up or down to. It’s unique selling point is it’s simple capsleeve detail, which can improve the most troubling & flabby arms. Let’s just say that a capsleeve dress is the holy grail of getting toned looking arms. :)
Capsleeve Mini Dress
Hyacinth (XS) (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20
XS: W – 32cm, L – 75cm
Sadly, we only managed to get this in one colour. If you’d like to order this dress in a different colour or different size, check out this link and let us know what you’d like to get and we’ll place it in our next Supre Spree! :)

Ribbed Fitted Mini Skirt.
Your basic ribbed fitted mini skirt! A skirt like this needs no introduction! One of the best thing about this skirt is it’s simple pull up design, no need to worry about your hidden zipper popping, no need to worry about attempting to zip up into a fitted skirt on one of our fat days (we all have those!). The perfect skirt for every occasion! Wear it low on your hips, or up at your waist for the classic highwaisted look. A basic ribbed skirt in black & charcoal is a must have in every fashionista’s closet! If you don’t wanna wear it as a skirt, feel free to pull it up as a tube top! :)
Ribbed Fitted Mini Skirt
Charcoal (XXS) (sold)
Black (XXS) (sold)
RM25 | SGD10 | USD8
XXS: W – 30cm, L – 40cm

And that’s all from us this time around! :)

If there are absolutely 2 things we are totally crazy about when it comes to items from Supre:
1. Their insanely affordable prices! Can you imagine getting any of these in Forever 21 or Topshop! :O
2. Their wide selection of high quality basics! Basics are the key to a successful fashionista’s closet, they are the go to’s for when you wanna tone down an outfit or just be lazy & throw on something easy. :)

If you guys would like to order anything from Supre that isn’t in our ready stock collection, just check out their website, drop us an email ( with the link of the items you’re interested in and we’ll give you guys a quote on the items. :) We recommend their Sale Site for the best bargains!

Till next time!