Sunday, October 9, 2011

Absolute Lux

Now we know it’s Halloween Month, and there are loads of you scratching your heads for Halloween ideas. We thought that it’d be a good idea to show you guys how you can take any of our outfits this month and turn it instantly into a Halloween costume! So you get a gorgeous new outfit & a Halloween costume all in one! Total bargain right there! No need to worry about renting and the outfit not fitting well too!

First up, Chun Li.
If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming the total kick ass Chun Li, here’s your chance! This dress is cut beautifully with 2 insanely sexy thigh high slits on both sides, a gorgeous round jewelled neckline with a eye teasing peep hole right below. Made of exquisitely thick cotton, this dress is an absolute must have! The neckline shows off your shoulders beautifully, while the for those of you blessed in the chest the peekaboo cut out on the front is an absolute tease and last but not least, the gorgeous sexy 2 slits at the side. I swear, I am sold at the slits.
orange (sold)
black (sold)
nude (sold)
blue (sold)
RM85 | SGD35 | USD28
*Restockable but limited.

Absolute Lux, Vegas Bride.
If you’re planning on going as something a little different and unconventional this year, might we interest you in an outfit for a Vegas Bride (don’t forget the giant veil & runny mascara from weeping in joy)? Or perhaps even a jilted axe-bride (just gotta make your make up a tad bloody)? An exquisite dress. Deliciously short, with a tight fitted tube top that extends down to a skirt of pale peach rosettes. This dress is simply divine, there are no words to express how lovely this dress really is. Demure & sexy all rolled up in one.
white (sold)
nude (sold)
pink (sold)
RM59 | SGD25 | USD20

And that’s all from us this time! We hope you guys find this post useful for helping you decide on a Halloween outfit. All our posts for the rest of October will be in a similar fashion, where by we will show you guys how you can take a simple look and transform it for Halloween! :)
Hope it helps! :)

Till next time!