Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wild One

As we’ve been feeling particularly rebellious and casual tops deprived, we decided to bring in more of these pretty amazing oversized tops! We love how these tops are cool and comfy to wear without looking completely and utterly sloppy. Let these casual tops come into your life and fill you with a sense of comfort & style.

Rock n Roll Animal.
As we’ve been feeling particularly skull deprived lately, after much deliberation we decided to take a chance and grab these pretty gangster oversized tops! There’s so much to love about tops like these, the cut and material of this top makes it immensely comfortable while the skull prints gives it a much needed edge. No more pretty girly dolls this time around, we’re all about kickin’ ass! Oh, and can we just add we love the subtle shimmery detail on the skull’s helmet!
white (sold)
mustard (sold)
black (sold)
red (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

Scallop Skulls.
If you love scallop tops, but you’re just a little bit sick of the plain single coloured basic scallop tops in cotton, or you’re just not a fan of those pretty little floral details on them chiffon ones. We’ve got one here that will fit your scallop top obsession without making you bleed sugar. Designed with your basic raw edge scallop hem, this particular chiffon top comes with 3 layers, so if you’re shy on the front you can opt to wear 2 layers in front, leaving your back sheerly exposed. Gotta love the minuscule skull prints!
chrome (sold)
pink (sold)
RM35 | SGD15 | USD12

Leopard Kiss.
If you love animals, or if you love animal prints but don’t quite fancy it being dotted all over your outfit, here’s a pretty nifty twist to your leopard prints. Top is cut slightly boxy with a slightly tapered in bottom hem, giving it a pretty unique shape. Printed with a brooding leopard on the front with a well placed red kiss on the leopard’s spot, makes this a very well design shirt.
white (sold)
black (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

London Poncho.
If you don’t already know and just can’t quite tell you, I am so very madly in love with loose oversized tops! Especially one that is cut poncho style! While I sadly don’t own many poncho tops, this one will be one of the few to grace my closet! I love it’s simple curved hem design and it’s funky printed union jack scarf around the neck. But oh, which colour do I pick!
mustard (sold)
white (sold)
black (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

Hello Tanks.
As a lover and obsessive wearer of tank tops, this is a must have in my closet! I knew the first time I saw it that I just had to get these tank tops to share with you guys! Made of cool comfy cotton, with funky prints on the front, there’s just so much to love about tops like these! I love how you can wear’em with pretty much everything! The perfect top for a lazy day out and about.
soda (sold)
coffee (sold)
smurfs (sold)
ribbons (sold)
spongebob (sold)
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10

And so concludes our edgy, quirky top only post! :)
What’d ya guys think? Loving the oversized tops & tank tops yet? If you ever wondered what my closet looks like, let’s just say it’s littered with casual tops like these!

Till next time!