Monday, August 1, 2011

Colours for Fall–Retrofied

If you haven’t already heard, this season is all about colours! Especially colour blocking! Rollerblading away from the usual colour blocking photoshoots, we decided to take this colourful trend and give it a totally retro twist!

Our original plan was to hijack the roller derby in Subang Avenue, but sadly that never came true because we were sadly unsure how to take photos of the clothes without raising suspicion! So as a change, we decided to drop by one of our friend’s dance studio and hijack the place and their pole. :)

Colour blocking duo-tone is still all the rage! So when we saw this gorgeous simple ribbed tank dress in lovely colour blocking colours, without a doubt we knew it was a must have in our closet! Made out of super stretchy comfy ribbed cotton, this dress is a immediate perk me up on a gloomy day! We love all 3 colour combinations and we had such a hard time picking out for ourselves, we thought, what the heck! You can never have too many fitted mini dresses! Especially one in such lovely colours!
pink+turquoise (sold)
turquoise+mustard (sold)
mustard+pink (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

Blast from the past! Back in yesteryears, leggings & tights we all the rage! Remember those Denise Austin exercise videos where she had on those super shiny leggings? Well, we’ve got these just for you! Super shiny footless leggings, in the brightest, happiest possible colours! These colourful leggings are one of the easiest ways for you to inject some colour into your outfits. :)
yellow (sold)
blue* (sold)
pink (sold)
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10
*Please note that the blue in the photo is darker than actual product.

Mini skirts need no introduction! They’ve been a staple for everyone closets for years before, and many more years to come. These bright cheery colours are especially perfect for this season’s colour blocking rage! Pair it with just a bikini top for a fun, flirty day out at the beach or throw on an oversized top for a casual comfy look. :)
orange+teal (sold)
teal+yellow (sold)
yellow+orange (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

Fitted, double pockets, bright coloured high waisted shorts! These shorts are made out of shiny smooth spandex-like material with 2 functional pockets on the front, or if you’re not a fan of pockets on the front, we reckon that you can turn it around and wear’em on the back. Available in the brightest possible colours! Any favourites? :) 
Comes with hidden zipper.
blue (sold)
pink (sold)
yellow (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15

And that’s all from us this time around! Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to have our shoots taken in a real life roller disco arena!

Till next time!

Ps: If you haven’t had the chance to climb a pole yet, here your chance to give it a whirl! Head on over to Living Arts for more information on pole dancing! Not one to climb the pole? Fret not, cos they’ve got other classes such as bellydancing, zumba, yoga among others!