Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supre Spree No. 4.

Items from our 3rd Supre Spree has just arrived and all items have been sent out today! So do look out for your items in the mail within the next few days! :)
As such, we’ve opened up Supre Spree No. 4, so if you’re looking to score some awesome goodies from Supre do drop us a mail at to get a quote! :)

Currently, Supre is having a MAJOR Clearance for all their winter wear, so do head on over to their Sale Page to pick up a couple of great bargains!

I’ve got my eyes set on these gorgeous items!
Cuffed Short Sleeve Dress – Totally loving this dress! You can wear it as a long boyfriend tee or belted with a dress! Loving it in white & latte!
Oversized Hoodie – And as usual, I just gotta pick out something basic from Supre as well! I just can’t resist! I LOVE all their basics! It’s always super comfy and the material is always super soft! Absolutely perfect for lounging around!
Oversized Basic T-Shirt – Seriously, one of my favourite outfits from Supre! I already have it in black and fraginpani, and am now considering picking it up in copacabana & poppy. What’d ya guys think? Should I totally cave and get it? :)

Oh and for those of you who just CAN’T wait for their Supre items, we’ve got a few available here! And btw, we restocked the ever popular Snow Tiger Dress too! Check it out! :)

For more info on our previous Supre Sprees check out these 2 links:
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And that’s all from us! Happy shopping! :)