Sunday, June 26, 2011

Supre Pre-orders

As many of you have been requesting for us to bring certain pieces of Supre items in exclusively just for you, we over here at Peep decided to open up our very first pre-order spree! HURRAY!

Now that you know we’re opening up the pre-order for Supre items, here’s how you can go about doing it. :)

1. Visit Supre’s website, look around and pick a few items that you’re interested in.

2. Copy and paste the Link and email it to us at to get a quote.

3. Once you’ve gotten the quote and you’re ready to order your item, just include your name, address, contact number, link of the item you want including the size and colour. Or you can always head on over to the bottom of this post to copy & paste the order form. :)

4. Wait for our email regarding the total, kindly bank into our Public Bank account and attach the receipt with your email and we’ll proceed to process your order. :)

Pretty simple huh! :)


Now onto some simple T&C’s.
1. Do note that since this is a Pre-order, items are not readily in hand so there will be a wait time of 2-3 weeks from the date the order to Supre is placed. Therefore, if you’re unable to wait kindly do not order.

2. Please note that if we do not receive payment or proof of payment by the cut off time, we will not place your order. Should you really want your item, do make sure to bank in on time and attach the receipt as proof of payment, or you could always wait till the next spree opens. :)

3. In the event that the item you want is no longer available, you can either choose to bring your credit forward to the next Spree and pick another item, or have it refunded back to you.

Phew! And that’s about it for the T&C’s. :)

First pre-order due to close, 3rd July (Sunday) 11pm.

So if you’d like to get your items with our very first batch do make sure that you’ve made your payment by then and attach the receipt as well. :)

Ps: We strongly recommend checking out their Sale Site for some serious discounts! :)

Confirmed Order Form -
Contact no.:
Item link/colour/size:

Enjoy peeps! :)