Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pop’s Shop brings you: Knit Ties

Hey guys! I know we’ve been focusing a lot on the ripped statement tanks lately, so we’re taking a break from them to bring you more of Pop’s Shop fabulous knits!

This time around Pop has created these adorable handmade knit ties! I know a lot of you are thinking that ties are only for men and they can only be worn in the office for a very work-ish look. Here we’ve shown you guys how you can work the knit ties for work and play!

For work. Pair your knit ties with a basic vest and fitted skirt for a corporate chic look. This black and grey striped tie is perfect for the corporate world. Just pair it with a fitted shirt, a vest and the classic A-line skirt and you’re good to go. :)
black+grey stripes
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10

For work & play! If you’re heading out for Happy Hour after work and all you wanna do is just relax and chill. Just loosen your knit tie, take off that structured shirt and wear it with just your vest, then slick on some red lipstick, dark your eyes and tousle your hair for a totally casual sexy look. Or if you happen to be headed out to a costume party and wanna look like a sexy secretary, do the knit tie, vest & mini fitted skirt ala Ally McBeal. :)
grey+white tip
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10

Last but not least, something to bring the Rockstar out in you! A classic black tie with a sequined star right smack in the middle! Totally fun! Definitely not quite work safe though, unless of course your job happens to be a Rockstar! Love this totally edgy look!
black star
RM29 | SGD12 | USD10

Necklaces by the way are so last season, get up to date and fashion forward with a knit tie instead! They’re long and bold enough to replace a necklace, and versatile in the way that if a chill breeze passes by, all you gotta do is take the ends and wrap’em around your neck like a stylish slim scarf!

And that’s all for this post! :)

Till next time!