Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happiness is a

Closet full of colours!
And that’s exactly what this Supre post is all about! That and easy, breezy choices! :)

Supre Knot Detailing Dress!
One of my absolute favourite pieces! Gorgeously soft and smooth texture with a super sexy triple knotted back! Laser cut edges, giving it a totally no fuss raw look. Love it to bits. And what with the weather being insanely hot these few days, this top is perfect to be worn alone or layered with either the same top or another tank/tube.
For the closest representation of lemon, refer to the picture below. The above picture is a tad too light and doesn’t have enough yellow in it.
azure (xs) (sold)
lemon (xs) (sold)
strawberry (xs) (sold)
RM45  | SGD19 | USD15
XS: W – 42cm, L – 76cm
S: W – 42cm, 78cm

Supre Strappy Swing Dress!
Beautiful burst of colours! An insanely light and breezy dress! Perfect for days like these where you don’t feel like piling on clothes and you just can’t be bothered to pull on pants and find a suitable matching top. Yes, there are days where I just feel that lazy! :)
daffodil (xs) (sold)
cheerful (xs) (sold)
strawberry (xs) (sold)
confident (s) (sold)
RM49  | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W – 40cm, 82cm
S: W – 42cm, 90cm

Supre Liberty Printed Mini Dress!
*Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :(
I love halters. There’s no doubt about it. I absolutely love halters! The back of halters doesn’t even have to be low for me to love them! I think it’s because there’s just something mysteriously sexy about exposing your back, and with this simple black dress with a floral front, it’s a must have for my closet! The material is lightweight and comfortable, none of that super thick sticky material. Love it.
liberty (xs) (sold)
RM49  | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W – 30cm, L – 72cm

Supre Fitted Mini Skirt!
As requested, the basic fitted mini skirt! I brought in 2 basic colours of charcoal grey and black, as well as some funkier colours! I know a lot of you already have your own pair of basic mini skirts, but I always find that it helps to have a bright pop of colour just to change up and refresh your look! Plus, don’t you just love the way this skirt totally hugs in all the right places! Oh, which colour should I keep it in?
sunset (xxs & xs) (sold)
miranda (xxs) (sold)
kate (xxs) (sold)
charcoal (xs) (sold)
naomi (xs) (sold)
black (xs) (sold)
RM45  | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 30cm, L – 39cm
XS: W – 32cm, 39cm

As you can see, this collection is pretty much made to combat the terribly hot and humid weather we've been encountering lately, and I must say, I just love how easy and comfortable this collection is!

If you would like to check out what other easy, breezy Supre items we still have, just scroll your mouse here and click it! :)
I hope you guys like this post, and I hope this post has helped you expand your comfy, cooling closet. It definitely has mine and I have absolutely no regrets at all! After all, just opening up your closet and seeing these bright colours is enough to perk up anyone! :)

Till next time!