Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Gift

If you don’t already know, or if it slipped your mind like it almost did mine, Mother’s Day is coming up! Or to be exact, it’s coming up this May 8th!
I know you’re supposed to love, cherish, honour, appreciate your mom everyday, but once a year it is always extra special to show your appreciation through a simple act of gift giving.

For some people, it’s really easy to pick out something for their moms, but for some, they just aren’t so sure. I believe that, when in doubt go with something that shines!
A gorgeous pair of earrings, or a simple bracelet to adorn the wrist or perhaps even a bold necklace resting just between the collarbones. I find that it’s harder to go wrong with jewellery than it is for clothes!
 Kashu Logo 1
With Kashu, you know you’ll be getting a fine piece of bling. So enough yapping, here are a few gorgeous accessories you can get for your mom.

Starting with something small, things to adorn your fingers.
Simple rings to lend a sparkle to every wave of a hand.
chunky disc, stripy square, five petals (sold)
RM45 | SGD19 | USD15
dark circle cocktail, light wavy maxi, light folded cocktail
RM59 | SGD24 | USD20
More rings are available here.


Adding a sparkle to your wrist.
D5K3866-WindowCleaning Logo
Designed to catch the light with a flick of a wrist.
dark pendant bracelet
RM129 | SGD54 | USD43
charm me bracelet, tetris bracelet
RM139 | SGD58 | USD46
light weave cuff
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
black and gold cuff
RM59 | SGD24 | USD20
closely scaled bracelet
RM189 | SGD79 | USD63
light chain me cuff, dark chain me cuff, light double diamond cuff, dark double diamond cuff, dark double chain cuff
RM69 | SGD29 | USD23

Things to keep near your heart.
208348_204342822918645_114677108551884_719485_649915_nD5K3894_WoodFloor Logogift
A simple drop above your heart.
circle within necklace
RM159 | SGD66 | USD53
long love me necklace, dark teardrop necklace
RM119 | SGD49 | USD40
round clear stone necklace
RM99 | SGD41 | USD33
chunky love me necklace
RM109 | SGD45 | USD36
black and gold necklace
RM139 | SGD58 | USD46
black daisy necklace, long circle me necklace
RM149 | SGD62 | USD50

And that’s all for this post. Picked out something for Mother’s Day yet? :)
If you don’t find anything you like, or if you’d like to see something more then head on over here to check out the full range of accessories available. :)

Till next time!