Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Went a Little Mad

So I got a little sick and tired of the lack of selection available locally, I decided to spread my wings (or at least the click of my mouse) a little further to the land of Supre!

Taking advantage of the sale they had, I’ve brought a few classic pieces in various bright colours at totally affordable prices! I love it when you get fab items at discounted prices. Here I am to share with you a few of the stuff I brought in just for you guys!

Size S Watermelon. Suitable for people who are UK6 and up. 
The maxi skirt! Ahhhh! I was so excited when they had this! I just had to get one for myself! What I love about this skirt is the fact that it’s made out of chiffon so it’s got a really nice flow to it and the fact that the waistband does not pinch at either my hips or waist! Genius! I am so sick of maxi skirts that cut their waistband so ridiculously small that no matter how high you pull it, you’ll have the inevitable muffin top! Argh! So imagine my delight when I got these babies!
watermelon (sold)
white (sold)
black (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W - 31cm, L - 103cm
S: W - 33cm, L - 103cm
M: W - 35cm, L – 103cm

Size S Rose. Suitable for people who are UK8 and up. If you’re more of a UK6 but don’t mind the dress being loose, then you can wear it too! 
Next up, a basic spaghetti strap maxi dress with front gathers! I love this dress! I love how simple it is and I think what I absolutely love most about it is the colour! All the bright happy colours make me go giddy giddy inside! Because from the pictures the colours all look about the same, let me give you a brief description of each one.
Cindy: A dark pink. Almost maroon but with a little more hint of pink.
Rose: A medium pink. Similar to China Glaze’s nail polish Heli-yum.
Brazil: A bright pink. Not neon, but more of a bright pink with a blue undertone.
cindy (sold)
rose (sold)
brazil (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
S: W - 42cm, L - 137cm (with straps)

Watermelon & Copacabana both in size XS. Suitable for people who are UK6 and up. 
Soft cotton tube maxi dress. Yes, again I went crazy with the colours! This dress is crafted with gathers around the bust line with the genius idea of enhancing those who are less endowed. Not to mention the fact that this maxi has a gorgeous empire waist. Available in 3 eye-popping colours!
copacabana (sold)
watermelon (sold)
lemon (sold)
RM49 | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W - 33cm, L - 125cm
S: W - 35cm, L – 125cm

*Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :( 
Sheer mesh oversized top! I wanted to get this in black as well, but unfortunately the black was already sold out. So white it is! For those who love layering, this is definitely a top to have! Layer this gorgeous sheer piece over a long bright tank, a simple maxi, or if you’re daring do as the photo with just as boob tube!
white (sold)
RM39 | SGD16 | USD13

*Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :( 
I just had to get this dress because the colour reminds me of this year’s colour of the year: Honeysuckle! Yes, yes, I know it’s not quite the same shade but to me, it is close enough! If you see me on any given regular day, you’ll know that I’m a very lazy dresser and when it comes to my own clothes I love simple things like these! Plus, if you’re having a particularly blue day, pulling on an outfit with these kinda bright colours always does wonders to perk up your mood!
strawberry (sold)
RM39 | SGD16 | USD13
S: W - 28cm, L - 80cm

If you're concerned with the fit of any of these items just drop me an email (peep.boutique@gmail.com) and I'll be happy to model the items for you and send you the photos. The items are new arrivals and that's why there are no photo's of them as yet.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. And if response is really good, who knows I might eventually open up a Supre Spree. Just drop me a mail if you would like to see more Supre items. :)

Till next time!