Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Serious Supre Stuff

If there’s one thing I like, it’s some seriously comfortable, airy, cooling, easy to wear, totally no fuss outfits. That’s where Supre comes in! I always find that their items are reasonably priced and the quality is pretty good. It’s such a wonderful change from all the cheap clothes out there, that though are airy and cooling but the material just isn’t quite as nice or as soft as these.

Let’s start with tops shall we. :) 
A seriously soft and airy oversized top! I love tops like these! It’s especially good for fat days or days you know you’re gonna go on an eating spree! I also love how it gives such a boho chic look to your entire outfit! Wear it alone or layer a tank inside it, this is the top for our perfectly hot Malaysian weather!
haze (xxs) (sold)
strawberry (xxs) (sold)
marble grey (xxs) (sold)
RM45  | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 56cm, L - 58cm

IMG_0581 IMG_0577IMG_0579IMG_0360
An adorable printed low armhole, low back raw edge tank! I was totally sold by the adorable leopard cartoon printed on the front! In school or at work, stress will be there knocking at your door so take it easy by donning on this super cute and comfy tank! Since the armholes of this tank is a little low, you might want to either wear a tube/singlet/tank top/boob tube inside. Perfect for a a throw on top at the beach or by the pool though!
white (xs) (sold)
haze (xs) (sold)
monsoon (xs) (sold)
RM39  | SGD16 | USD13
XS: W – 40cm, L – 72cm

*Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :( 
Now onto something a little work and play friendly. A simple sheer long sleeve button up top! Another favourite of mine! I love how you just throw on a cami inside with a pair of tailored trousers and you’re good for work. Then when it comes to play, all you gotta do is remove the cami and you’re ready for sexy, relaxed evening from work.
cream (xxs) (sold)
black (xxs) (sold)
RM45  | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 46cm, L - 68cm

Moving onto dresses, we present to you this simple knot back dress! Another cool and airy piece, can you tell that I am just sold by the knotted design at the back and the bright colours it comes in! This dress is short and sweet with a raw edge cut. Love it. The material of this dress might be a little thin, so do pair it with some shorts.
bubblegum (xxs) (sold)
strawberry (xs)
yellow (s) (sold)
RM45  | SGD19 | USD15
XXS: W – 42cm, L – 72cm
S: W – 42cm, 78cm

 *Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :(
A simple strappy swing dress! Love it! I love the gathers on the front and back, the loose fit and that when you spin, it’ll twirl! The cut of the dress can be a little low on the front and the side, so if you prefer not to show, do wear something inside. The perfect lazy day dress!
monsoon (xs) (sold)
strawberry (xs) (sold)
RM49  | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W – 40cm, 82cm
*Pictures removed due to copyright reasons and new photos are unable to be taken as they’re all sold out. :(
Last but not least, a classic black mini dress! Very sexy and very short! Well, I supposed that’s why they call it a Mini. A toga dress with shirred sides. The material of this dress is really elastic, so if you wanna pull the dress a little lower it’s possible, or you could always just wear it short and sexy.
black (xs) (sold)
RM49  | SGD20 | USD16
XS: W – 30cm, 70cm

Alright, so that’s all for the Supre haul this time around. Right now, we’re waiting on a few more shipments and after that we won’t be continuing the Supre haul anymore. However, if the response is really good we might open a pre-order for it. So if you want us to open the pre-order, do show your support by informing me either by email or on our Facebook!

Till next time!