Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Funny Valentine

As we all know, tomorrow it is Valentine’s Day. Now with Valentine’s Day, it usually comes with a lot of talk and mixed thoughts on it, there are people who look forward to it every year to receive/give a rose to someone they like, or for couples to go all out with dinner and chocolates, then there are those who think it’s a money-sucking marketing gimmick. Whichever school of thought you are with, what we all can do on Valentine’s Day is have a laugh with Pop’s Shop awesome hand printed statement tanks!

Now isn't this too cute. For you and your honey bunch.
how about it my sperm your egg
RM15 | SGD6 | USD5

With the latest Valantine's Day spectacle, we felt we had to make a statement from it. Notice our attempt at a No Entry sign on the back of the tank.
valentine’s day adalah haram
RM15 | SGD6 | USD5

For all you lucky ladies who are busty.
it’s valentine’s day at least look, at least LOOK at my face (sold)
RM15 | SGD6 | USD5

Us being displeased at the lack of tall dudes in our lives.
you have to be this high to be on this ride (sold)
RM15 | SGD6 | USD5

And now, my absolute favourite one!
As the statement says. :)
bitch i ain’t friendly (sold)
RM15 | SGD6 | USD5

And that’s it for all the tanks! We hope you think they are as fun and quirky as we do, because frankly we are madly in love with all these statements! :)
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Please note that since these tanks are all hand painted, we do not guarantee that everything is printed perfectly, though we did our very best to ensure that everything is as well made as can be. Also, we only have 1 of each design, so get’em while you can!

Till next time!