Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking you back

In time.
As we all very well know, fashion constantly recycles itself. So when 60’s spots and 70’s colours started coming back in, we just knew that these 4 dresses were perfectly timed! Chekkits!

First up, Stepford Spots.
A gorgeous long chiffon dress with the funnest (okay, that’s not a word) possible polka dots! Comes with 2 belt loops on the side should you wanna pair it with a belt. The top part isn’t lined but it does have 2 layers of chiffon so it isn’t too sheer. The bottom is lined, so you need not worry about that. With it’s simple roundneck singlet design as well as it’s gorgeous crinkle cut skirt, this dress is perfect for a casual day or night out! Wear it with red lipstick for a totally Stepford wives look.
black (sold)
white (sold)
red (sold)
biscuit (sold)

Keeping with the spots, we have Bubble Trouble.
A fun and flirty tube dress with an absolutely bubbly bottom! A pretty satin tube top paired with a tiered empire waist and a chiffon bubbly bottom! Totally fun and retro! Perfect for parties/prom or any other time you wanna look like a bomb! The best part about the polka dots is that they are not perfectly round, which gives it a not-so-perfect look! Totally adorable for Valentine’s!
pink (sold)
black (sold)
white (s & m sold)

What’s retro without a bold dress? We bring you Zipper Crossing.
Actual colour of plum & back of dress.
You know how exposed zipper outfits tend to have really tiny zippers? Well, with this the zipper is big, bold and silver! Incredibly sexy and fun! If the zipper hasn’t quite won you over yet, then do fall in love with the stripes. I know a lot of people don’t like to wear horizontal stripes, but these stripes aren’t quite horizontal, instead they’re angled upwards giving you the illusion on a slimmer bod!
red (sold)
black (sold)
blue (sold)
plum (sold)

Last but not least, Mermaid Ruffles.
Why mermaid ruffles? Well, the tiered ruffles down the front of the dress reminds me of a mermaid’s tail. Gorgeously close nit and layered, this dress is meant to hug every possible curve on your body. The detailed bust enhances the area, making your bust seem a little bigger, while the gorgeous single shoulder highlights your slim and sexy collarbone. An absolutely gorgeous dress, in 4 show stopping colours. Which will you pick? Definitely a dress that will turn heads and grab attention.
Do note that the pink is really lovely bright and neony colour. Sadly, it’s not a colour that my camera can capture.
midnight black (sold)
feisty red (sold)
neon pink (sold)
electric blue (sold)

And that’s all from us! If you would like to see more photos, then just hop on over to our Facebook page. We usually have more close up photos there.
Also, we’ll be at Chic Pop’s Street Market this Saturday from 12pm - 6pm at JayaOne. So don’t forget to check us out there! And do introduce yourself as well! We’ll do our best to remember each and every one of you. But do forgive us if we don’t! :)

Till next time!