Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something Special

And no I do not mean the song by Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman. Though I will admit that song is rather nice. :)

We’ve got heaps of new goodies for you guys this time around, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Keeping with our previous retro theme.
We bring you this super sexy zipper top! Yes, I know that sounds awfully dull, but once I add in the words: ‘itsy bitsy, teeny tiny polka dots with gorgeous gold zipper down the front and a super flattering bodyhugging to die for top.’ You know you just gotta have it! Deliciously cut, with the bust area mildly padded, removable spaghetti straps and did I mention the super sexy gold zipper down the front and majorly retro teeny tiny polka dot prints? ;)
navy (sold)
white (sold)
red (sold)

Making our way back into time.
We bring to you this classic vintage floral printed dress! Hey, one can never have too many vintage dresses! They’re kinda like a little black dress. Perfect for a day out anytime! With it’s soft flowing layers, minimal ruffles, snug waist and uber sexy bust, a vintage dress is a must for every closet!
However, do note that these dresses are made of chiffon and it is only half-lined so I would strongly recommend everyone to either wear it with leggings (can you say edgy retro!) or a pair of black safety pants, or to really go back in time, there’s always a petticoat. ;)
purple (sold)
black (sold)

Something with a little flavour.
Gorgeous spaghetti/tube dress with delicious flamenco ruffles! It’s always been a secret dream of mine to be a flamenco dancer and to own one of their gorgeous flamenco skirts! Sadly, since we’re in Malaysia and the weather is a tad too hot and humid for those thick layers of skirts, here is a brilliant alternative! An otherwise simple dress, totally glammed up with rose ruffles. The ruffles totally remind me of a shower of roses, flowing down the dress, hence the rose ruffles. Love.
white (sold)
black (sold)

Flowing with the ruffles.
We bring you this red carpet worth dress! Alright, I know this dress is a tad short for the red carpet, but don’t you just love the details? The bold ruffle on the bust that slowly cascades down into a single line of soft pleats. Truly a gorgeous dress. Made of quality satin, this baby is worth every penny! The material is thick and sturdy, but not at all hot so it definitely won’t choke you. Plus, who’s to say no to the gorgeous peekaboo colours on the ruffles and pleats? Not I!
white+black (sold)
black+pink (sold)
purple+black (sold)
Please note that for the purple, the colour is actually brighter and more vivid than what my camera can capture. Think electric purple!

Deadly sexy.
This is what I would like to call the single ladies dress. Well, not that it’s exclusive to single ladies, but I imagine it to be a dress where you only wear out at night when you’re ready to paint the town red with your girlfriends! Cue Sex and the City music now. Strong, bold and powerful is what this dress is to me. Am totally loving the figure hugging shape, the sexy barely there sweetheart neckline and of course, the gorgeous pleather sides that’s created just to enhance your figure that much more. Mmm, delicious. Can you say, all eyes on you already? ;)
black (sold)
white (sold)
grey (sold)
purple (sold)
Again, please note that the purple is brighter and more vivid than what you actually see. Think awesome electric purple!

Last but not least.
Something simply demure. An insanely gorgeous long flowing maxi, with intricate lace details, one slightly ruffled shoulder and a classic empire waist. Truly, this dress will bring you back to the rich victorian times. One of my favourite thing about this dress, is the fact that though the bottom is fully lined, but the bust area isn’t. Which gives you a totally peekaboo feel. However, if you’re a tad conservative, fret not for the details in the lace are so intricate and so close set that if you’re wearing a matching coloured bra nothing will be showing. Period.
black (sold)
brown (sold)
white (sold)

And that’s all from us! Hope you love this update as much as we do!
Stay tuned next week for more exciting updates!

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