Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indulge, Indulge, Indulge

Just one more week till Chinese New Year! Is everyone excited yet? I sure am! Chinese New Year to me is a time to eat, receive angpows and shop for new clothes!! Yay! If you can believe it, I actually haven’t bought any new clothes yet! So when I saw these Cheongsams, I knew in a heartbeat I need to get them! After all, if you happen to look all Chinesey during Chinese New Year there might be a few generous relatives who show their appreciation of your charming festive spirit by giving extra large angpows! :D Here’s to hoping!

When it comes to Cheongsams, I am actually quite fussy. I tend not to pick the ones where the material is too thick or the cutting is too stuffy. Plus, some of them are SO figure hugging that there is no way you can possibly sit properly let alone eat! And I’m all about the NgaKu! As such, when I saw these Cheongsams I knew I had to get them! Both of them are halter style, with the cutting a tad bigger than usual, perfect for stuffing in a little extra during Reunion Dinner (as you can see I'm a very greedy person) and also perfect for tailoring down if you’re one of those lucky slim ones! They are available in 2 different materials and 2 different patterns.

First up, the Cotton/Polyester one.
In a simple basic background of white or pink, these Cheongsams are embroidered with dark brown branches, soft little light pink cherry blossoms (which are so pretty!) and adorable light yellow/gold butterflies. Comes with a hidden side zipper, double button collar and 2 sexy slits on the side that are not too high and not too low but just perfect for walking, standing, sitting and eating! :)
pink (sold)
white (sold)
RM65 | SGD28 | USD22

Next up, the Sexy Satin one.
Made of smooth, silky satin with gorgeous floral prints, this particular Cheongsam is absolutely perfect for a night out during Chinese New Year! Heck, it doesn’t have to be just restricted to only Chinese New Year, it’s glam enough to even be worn for a wedding dinner! Gorgeous and figure hugging, but like the previous dress it doesn’t hug you till you choke and still has lots of space for enjoy a delicious, sumptuous meal.
white (sold)
RM59 | SGD26 | USD20

And that’s all for now! I hope you guys like these Cheongsams as much as I do! I am absolutely in love with them! The cotton one I can see myself wearing during the day, and the satin one I can see myself wearing it at night! I so rarely ever wear Cheongsams and I think that Chinese New Year is just the best time to wear them! :)

Till next time!

Ps: Look out for our next post sometime later this week as well. We are feeling the Black Swan. :)