Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bringing it forward

By taking it back!

If you’re wondering what in the world are we talking about, all you gotta do is just keep reading to find out what we mean! :)

First up, we have the classic printed long tee.
But with a twist! ;)
Well, the twist is entirely optional. If you guys haven’t already seen my post on ripping up some of my own tees, then click here to check it out! Basically, what we’re trying to do is give these tees a tad bit more personality by cutting them up and ripping them. So if you’d like your tees to be cut up as well, just be sure to include Ripped Please in your order form/email and we’ll rip up the tee of your choice. :)
Do note that since these tees are hand ripped, we cannot guarantee that the tees we rip will look completely symmetrical, but we’ll do our best to make them as neat as possible. :)
Also, if you would like to personalise your tee a bit more with rips, do let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate.
lady (sold)
lips (sold)
king (sold)

Continuing the rip fad, here we have knitted ripped tops.
If you haven’t already heard, knits are the way to go this spring! And though where we live the weather is constantly hot and humid, it’s rather difficult for us to go about in knits (unless your office/college aircond is SUPER cold), and as such we don’t own many knit items even though they are completely fab! But with this ripped, sleeveless top you can finally own that piece of knit that you’ve been eyeing for the longest time! Am especially loving the ripped back!
cream (sold)
black (sold)
brown (sold)

Moving on from casual, we have this elegant dress.
A simple black dress, draped with triple coloured chiffon, this dress is simply gorgeous. Comes with the usual adjustable strap (which you can hide to make this into a tube) and a hidden side zipper. In a totally simple cut but glammed up with absolutely gorgeous drapes takes this dress from basic to elegant. A sure way to look glamourous and gorgeous either this Chinese New Year or this Valentine’s Day! There’s no such thing as shopping too soon!
mute (sold)
cerulean (sold)

Onto something a little retro.
Adorable 3 tone babydoll dress! O.M.G. When I saw this dress I totally and absolutely fell in love with it! Made of incredibly soft satin, this babydoll dress is perfect for day or night! It’s thick straps keep the dress feeling comfy, while it’s loose cut keeps it feeling light and flowy! Definitely something every girl should have in her closet! If you don’t already own a babydoll, here’s your chance to get one!
And as you can see, I totally went wild and had fun with this shoot for this dress!
strawberry (sold)
cream (sold)
mint (sold)

Continuing with the blast from the past.
Is this totally awesome polka dotted cut out dress! Well, I’m not quite sure if you’d consider it polka dots, since it’s the circles aren’t exactly printed on the tee but instead is another layer of cloth over the orange. The circles are so precise and round I wonder if they used laser to cut it! A totally totally fab top! Or for those lucky petites, a fab dress as well! There are times where I just wish I could wear these gorgeous long tops as dresses!
wild green (sold)
funky blue (sold)
mad orange (sold)

And that’s all for now! We hope you like our very first post of 2011! We know that it’s not quite something that you’d expect from us, but we are totally loving these outfits and sincerely hope that you guys do too! :)
As usual, more photos can be found here! :)

On another note, due to the rising number of COD requests which are sadly impacting our time and ability to serve you guys (e.g. reply emails faster, more updates etc.), we are forced to charge a nominal amount for CODs to encourage the use of post. The fee for CODs are now RM2. I know, I know no one really likes this, but sadly it’s just something that has to be done. We’re really sorry about this and hope that you guys will understand.

Till next time!