Thursday, December 9, 2010

Statement on your fingers

Eeeek! Christmas is just around the corner and you haven’t quite figured out a gift for your friends/family/relatives/everyone yet! You don’t wanna get them something too expensive because that’ll just be waaaay over your budget especially when you gotta get them for so many people! You don’t exactly wanna get them something totally cheap either, because then during New Year’s Eve everyone will be whispering, ‘Watch out! She got me this really cheap gift for Christmas!’.

And as usual, what we at Peep Boutique like to do is try to help people with their problems. And what better way to solve that problem than to get them these amazing, giant, statement rings! Yes! These rings are to die for! They’re huge, they’ll definitely stand out and they are made of quality materials.


Set in stone.
These gorgeous rings are all about 3 – 4cm in diameter, so they are sure to stand out on your hands whenever you slip them on your fingers! Though they are not in any loud colours, they are instead made out of smooth gilded silver with a glossy glass piece for the centre. Timeless and chic, these finger pieces are one you can wear for eternity.
white drop stone, black drop stone, light circle cocktail (sold)
dark circle cocktail, light folded cocktail, dark folded cocktail (sold)
light wavy maxi, dark wavy maxi (sold)

On it’s own.
Just like the rings above, these rings are 3 – 4cm in diameter as well, the only difference is that this one is simply made out of silver gilt without a stone in the middle. With it’s intricate craftsmanship and beautiful fantastical shapes, these rings are a must have for every accessory fan.
round facet, chunky disc, streamer (sold)
stripy square, five petals (sold)

circle dome (sold)

So there you have it, the perfect solution for Christmas gifts! Either for yourself, or for others. Shhh, we’re not here to judge as we sorely tempted to keep a few for ourselves too! ;)
nicola 7test7bis
Just a few more photos to keep you guys occupied. :)
And that’s all for now!
Till next time!

Photos from Kashu Boutik.