Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something for everyone

And so the end of the year is near, as such we have created this bigger than usual update just for you guys! :)

We’ve divided this post into 3 difference categories, so you’ll definitely find something for you or for someone else. It’s not too late to shop for gifts if you haven’t already! :)

First up, something simple. Something easy. Something comfy. Totally, No Fuss.
Available in 5 cool colours, this long tank dress is a must have for everyone! They can be worn alone, worn with a crop top, a jacket, a long sleeve shirt inside, and even with a belt! And yes, this dress does come with the belt as well! Hurray! Two for one! I love deals. Seriously. The material of this dress is not too thin where by it makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all, and not too thick that you feel like you’re dressed for winter. In fact, dress is made of really lightweight and comfortable cotton. Totally awesome for those lazy days. :)
light grey (sold)
dark grey (sold)
black (sold)
dark blue (sold)
slate blue (sold)

Next up, we have this awesome long sleeve shirt! Your very basic long sleeve shirt that’s soft to the touch and uber comfy when worn. Perfect for those slightly chillier days, or those days where you know you’ll be in a cinema and you wanna look fashionable but still be able to enjoy the movie without freezing to death! With a slightly wide neckline to highlight your sexy shoulders, and simple hourglass cut, this top is absolutely flattering on anyone.
hawaii77 (sold)
aplus (sold)

Moving on to something a little grungier, we present to you this awesome long top/mini dress! For those of you who are lucky enough to wear this as a dress, please know that I am sadly jealous because I am only able to wear this as a long top. Boo for me, but hurray to those of you who can! Another simple piece that I absolutely love! Though I have no idea what the front of the shirt says, the cut and design of this top has made me fall absolutely in love with it. Can I keep it in every colour Santa?  
black (sold)
army (sold)
grey (sold)
white (sold)

Moving along, here’s a style we all love! Chic Vintage.
Taking a cue from our past, from when we were young and all we wanted to do was wear that pretty little floral dress with the bow at the back. The only problem with those dresses back then was the fact that they tended to be a tad on the itchy side, and as much as you love the dress, when you were young you just find it difficult to wear something that’s itchy for too long a time. So when you or at least I, got older I knew for a fact that I wanted a dress that was pretty with little floral patters and a bow at the back; minus the itchies, of course.
Did we mention this dress comes with pockets as well? ;)
truffle (sold)
cherry (sold)
peppermint (sold)
lavender (sold)

Totally gorgeous prints, with a sexy racerback cut out design, this dress is another one of my favourites! Made of quality chiffon, with lining on the inside this dress with it’s pretty vintage prints is a must have for all floral lovers! It comes with an elastic waist, and lovely crinkles on the skirt, this dress is perfect for those sunny picnic days! Cut just above the knee, this piece shows off just enough leg for a breezy walk in the park. :) For some reason or another, the dress in blue is cut a little shorter than the rest, but we think it’s still decently sexy anyways. ;)
black (sold)
cream (sold)
blue (sold)
turquoise (sold)

Last but not least, we bring to you Glamourous Doll.
Because Christmas and New Year’s Eve is near, here’s one of our favourite dresses that’s sure to turn heads at any party you’re at! A gorgeous, figure hugging dress with a lovely sequined sweetheart neckline, that flows down to a dress wrapped with sequins and sexy folds, this dress is sure to glam you up and make you shine and sparkle! There are just no words to describe anymore how fabulous this dress is, the best thing to do is probably to get it for yourself and understand what we mean!
black (sold)
white (sold)
nude (sold)
blush (sold)

And that’s all we have for this post. We know it’s a tad longer than usual, but we just couldn’t resist! There were too many pretty things we just had to share with you guys!
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We hope you love this post as much as we do. After all, this month is all about giving, so if you haven’t already got something for your friend/family/colleague/anyone here’s your final chance to treat them to something pretty!

Till next time!