Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun Bikini Giveaway!

As the title states! :)
WebWe will be giving away 3 bikinis.
The contest will run from 1st – 12th December 2010, whereby the winner will be notified on the morning of 13th.

Now, how can you win these bikinis? Simple.
1. Like our Facebook Page. Click here to view the bikinis.
2. Comment on the bikini photo you’d like to win. You can always say something simple like, I’d like to win this bikini because… or the usual, never failing, I LOVE THIS BIKINI SO MUCH! Works too. :)
3. Get your friends/family/everyone you’ve ever known in your life to Like your comment.

Winner will be based on the person who has the most Likes for that particular bikini. Each person is only eligible to win 1 prize, so assuming you get the most Likes for 2 photos, we’ll only be giving you 1 bikini and the other will be given to the person who has the 2nd most likes. :)

Alright, that’s all for now! All the best! Happy commenting and Happy Liking! :)