Monday, November 29, 2010

Sun Sea Sand and You!

For those of you lucky ones who are travelling to a nice sunny, beachy holiday, with sparkling white sand, crystal clear waters and cloudless blue sky, do note that I am incredibly, incredibly jealous! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to anywhere with sun, sea, sand and me! Moving along, for those of you who are going to a lovely sunny place, here’s your perfect hot weather poolside/seaside companion!

Do note that, these bikinis are all imported and there are only 1 piece of each. So hurry hurry, stock up on those swimsuits now!

To kick start our Bikinis Collection, let’s go with Pretty Basics shall we. :)
Basic solid coloured bikinis are a must have! They’re simple and really easy to wear. What I especially like about basic coloured bikinis are the fact that you can mix and match the top and bottom! With either another solid colour bikini or a bikini with prints! So if you’re on holiday and can’t bring too many bikinis just have 1 – 2 solid coloured bikinis and mix them up with each other!
navy blue, sunshine yellow, chocolate brown (sold)
forest green, crimson red (sold)

Next up on the list, Geometry.
And that includes all manners of stripes, spots, dots, lines and everything round, square and rectangular. :) Personally, I love these! As you all probably already know by now, I’m a mad stripes and spots fan! So most of the time, if my BFF isn’t there to curb me you’ll be seeing WAY more spots and stripes post on this blog! Teehee! I just can’t help it! They’re so pretty!
honey drizzle, cerulean spots, candy cane (sold)
mint praline, sea bubbles, paddle pop (sold)

Last but not least, Fairytales!
Or rather florals! You’ve had your basics, you’ve had your geometry, so now for something a little softer around the edges. No more block colours, no more solid lines. Here are just a whole love bouquet of floral bikinis just ripe for your pickings! Which will you pluck home today?
black forest, air nymph, chocolate roses (sold)
garden variety, blue leaves, forest fairy (sold)
midnight sparkles (sold)

And that’s all for our bikini post! Remember, we only have 1 piece per item so hurry and get’em while you can! :)
For more photos, please click here!

Till next time!