Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Phat Santa!

Pick me a dress this festive season!
Looking for a Christmas Party dress that is fashionable yet serious enough for a day at work? Then look no further! This gorgeous single shoulder, rosette dress is made for you! With it’s modest knee skimming length, structured skirt and muted colours, this delicious looking dress is perfect for work and play! The slightly longer length assures a professional look for work, while the sexy show-off-your-shoulders toga top with delicious rosette details takes you from day to night effortlessly! A huge must have for every woman’s closet!
grey-purple (sold)
black (sold)
purple (sold)
navy (sold)

All about play! This dress is perfect for just about every occasion! With it’s short, sassy length, it’s delicious low V back, ruched sides and deep royal colours, this dress is deliciously comfortable and undeniably classy! If you’re looking for a dress you can sit, stand, eat, drink & be merry in, this is the dress for you! This dress is lightly skims over your curves without choking, falls right over your hips and ends just about mid-thigh to really elongated your legs.
silver (sold)
bronze (sold)
onyx (sold)
ruby (sold)

Two incredibly gorgeous dresses, with 4 amazing colours.
How will you pick a dress this festive season? Heck, just get them all!
1 for Christmas Eve. 1 for Christmas. 1 for Boxing Day. 1 for New Year’s eve! And every other occasion on the calender!

I hope you like this collection as much as I do! Am as usual, totally tempted to keep these dresses in every colour!
Till next time! Happy Shopping!