Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Days A Week

Or more accurately, 5 dresses a week!

Monday: First day of the week, and you’re set for a long day out. Feeling lazy?
Looking for something comfortable that you can quickly slip on to get you through the day? This simple cotton dress is perfect for just those days where you’re feeling lazy, tired, sluggish and even a little bloated. What with all the weekend eating, no one wants to face Tammy the Talking Tummy so early in the week! So you grab the closest and most comfortable item in your closet, pull it on, slip on a pair of shoes, cover up those eyebags, put a touch of blush and smack on a little gloss and you’re all set to conquer the day! Easy style! :)
grey (sold)
pink (sold)
RM39 | SGD19 | USD13

Tuesday: With Monday done and gone, you feel like dressing up just to make up for dressing down on day before.
So what do you pick? A fashionable peplum piece. This has gotta be one of my favourites of the bunch! First of all, how can you not fall in love with stripes! Secondly, a simple sweetheart neckline all glammed up with an exposed gold zipper down the bust, cinching at your empire waist and then flaring out into a short fishtail around your waist. Underneath the fishtail hides a fun, flirty sailor stripe skirt!
navy (sold)
black (sold)
RM45 | SGD22 | USD15

Wednesday: It’s mid-week and all you want is for Friday to come. So what do you wear today? 
In an attempt to brighten up your mid-week, you throw on a happy patchwork print dress that reminds you of chill out Sundays and helps you get through the day. Not to mention, mid-week is said to be the day of the week when there are the least people at banks, so with your picnic print dress you happily make your way to the bank and celebrate with a nice long lunch! After all, you’re at the bank. If it so happens to be ‘slow’, what can you do? ;)
black+pink (sold)
pink+red (sold)
RM39 | SGD19 | USD13

Thursday: Just one more day till Friday! In celebration of the coming weekend you throw on a fun tutu dress!
The end of the week is near! You’re excited! You can’t wait! You’re full of energy and all you wanna do is just let your hair down and dance! You slip on this fun tutu dress, a pair of pretty ballet flats and you’re ready to cease the day! After all, what can go wrong when you’re all dressed up and standing out! But don’t be put off if anyone gives you the weird eye, whispering behind your back insisting that tutu dress can’t be worn out in public. At the end of the day, they just aren’t as fashion forward as you are!
pink (sold)
cream (sold)
RM45 | SGD22 | USD15

Friday: HURRAY! And it’s Friday! Let your hair down and go wild!
The weekend is here! You’re ready to party the night away! Quickly put on your sexy halter dress in traffic stopping colours, slip on a pair of killer 4 inch heels, blink on your fake flirty lashes, dust on shimmery gold across your cheek and smack on your favourite ruby red lipstick. The weekend is here and there’s nothing stopping you! You’re now ready to chill, relax and have fun with your best buds! Cheers!
emerald (sold)
ruby (sold)
RM49 | SGD23 | USD16

So that ends a fabulously week for you! Do you have your 5 dresses?

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Till next time!