Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pop was very very excited about this shoot because one of her biggest, most secret dreams is to be a ROCKSTAR! But I’m sure she will be willing to settle for Superstar, as long as it’s not Popstar. But then with age creeping along on her, she turns a good ol’ 24 next month! GASP! She might just give in to being a Popstar, but then again… I think she has passed the age limit to being a Popstar. Sorry Pop. But you tried. :)

Kick starting the post with a little colour! A beautiful smocked bust dress with lovely bead details on the bust. When I first saw this dress, the first thing I fell in love with was definitely beyond all doubt the colours! Then when I went to take a closer look and saw the fun flowing beads, I knew I had to get this dress! Lightweight, bright and fun, this is definitely a dress you can wear time and time again! Plus, what with all the open houses around, a smocked bust and an airy waist is always good for tucking in some delish meals! Mmm mmm good!
And hey, doesn't this dress totally scream Hey Soul Sistah!
soul sessions (sold)
mind, body & soul (sold)
colour me free (sold)

Lovely boat-neckline, mini sleeves and a sexy hemline. What would be an otherwise simple black cotton dress, all glammed up with a little criss-cross grunge mesh across the front of your body meant to hug and accentuate every turn and curve of your body. And hey, nothing wrong with a sexy short hemline either! After all, Rockstars are known for their fierce styles! Gosh, I so wanna keep this dress! It’s comfy, it’s cooling, it looks great! And you can basically wear it anywhere anytime!
black (sold)
white (sold)

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to have favourites, but well this has definitely got to be one of my favourite outfits and looks! I am so in love with the blinged out pocket that is totally functional! The fun, loose, sheer, slightly cropped top with it’s teeny tiny funky polka dots! Dang, I like this top! Can I keep them in both colours please! The best part about sheer and loose is that you can totally layer it with all kinda outfits, so let your imagination run wild and bring out that Rockstar in you! Hey, what Rockstar do you know isn't fiercely individual and always pushing boundaries!
blue+white (sold)
black+purple (sold)

Another favourite piece of mine!! I think it’s because of the seemingly modest front with a surprise at the back! Lovely and oh so sexy! Definitely great for dinners and partying! Modest in front, assures a cleverly covered tummy, while an exposed back just gives the dress that extra something! Not to mention, with a dress like that you can wear it alone as a dress, with pop coloured leggings for an edgy look or casual it down with a denim skirt. Versatility at it’s best!
black (sold)
dark blue (sold)

d0115d0115  vertical
Okay, I know you guys know how much I love stripes right, so now because I’ve been pretty much banned from stripes by Pop, I’ve gotta feed the need by bringing in some sexy polka dots! What I love about these range of dresses, is the fact that the cutting of the dress is so simple, and yet just with a few well placed details or prints it brings all the dress from dull to fab! Am loving the simple thick fettuccini straps and the flirty ruffles at the bust. And hey, the short length helps in elongating all legs, especially when paired with killer heels!
Do note that for this polka dot dress, it doesn’t quite have as much stretch as the other 3 dresses so I would not recommend anyone above a UK8 to get this dress. The material of this dress is top notch and it has an added lining inside, and I think that it’s because of the lining it causes the dress to not have enough stretch.
blue+white (sold)
black+white (sold)
black+grey (sold)

And yes, our bright coloured leggings are for sale as well! These are high quality leggings, that aren’t too sheer, but not too thick either so you definitely won’t be sweating your pants out in them! And gosh, can you just look at the colours already! If you’ve got a lot of black and white staples in your closet, these leggings are definitely a good addition to them in helping you make your outfits POP!
electric blue (sold)
bright yellow (sold)
hot pink (sold)

Last but definitely not least!
DSC_00091DSC_00071  DSC_00101 DSC_00111 DSC_00141
We loved our Rockstar theme so much that we decided to come up with our very own Special Edition Rockbook; a grunge, rockstar themed notebook inspired by the true superstars that have rocked on throughout the generations; Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Lenon, Joplin, they're all on the cover. Let's face it, you ain't down till you've got a funky, one of kind, expressionist notepad on ya!
nb0001 (sold)
a5 size
Remakes possible. Just drop us an email. :)

Bag and Beanie post will be up next! :) So stay tuned for that!
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