Friday, September 24, 2010

Preloved Updated!

Hey guys!
As you know, I sometimes do keep some of my stuff (how else am I gonna get my shopping fix right?). :D Anyways, due to time constraints and lack of occasions, I have to most unfortunately let a few of my favourite items go. Most of them I've only worn a few times, and then they've been pretty much sitting in my closet all neat and folded.

As a result, I feel bad for them just sitting there not getting worn and as such I have to let them go. I have already said my goodbyes to them. They know how I feel and totally understand why I have to let them go. They've served me well. I hope they will do the same for you guys too.

So please, take them away before I change my mind. Goodbye clothes. May you find a better home and someone who can wear you more often than I.

Anyway enough of my drama. Click here to view the clothes I am letting go. :)